Fri 17 May 2024 8:54 am - Jerusalem Time

West Bank: Two young Palestinians injured, another arrested, and a truck was burned

Today, Friday, two young men were injured by Israeli occupation soldiers and another was arrested, while settlers burned a truck and assaulted its driver in various areas in the West Bank.

In Qalqilya, the Israeli forces stormed the city, raided several neighborhoods, and shot a young man who was riding a bicycle directly, wounding him.

The Israeli forces also obstructed the work of ambulance crews, destroyed the monument of the martyr Mahmoud Hilal in the Al-Shaymaa roundabout in the center of the city, and deployed their snipers inside the Kafr Saba neighborhood.

In Ramallah, a group of settlers intercepted a Palestinian truck near the "Kochav Hashahar" settlement, built on citizens' lands east of Ramallah, and assaulted its driver, causing moderate injuries, before setting the truck on fire.

Israeli media claimed that the settlers thought the truck was carrying aid to the Gaza Strip, where they were

They intend to prevent the arrival of any truck from the West Bank transporting aid to Gaza, noting that the settlers intercepted several trucks on Thursday for the same reason, noting that all the trucks that were subjected to attacks were not headed to Gaza.

In Nablus, confrontations broke out between the old and new Askar camps, during which the occupation forces fired live and metal bullets, tear gas bombs, and stun grenades, which led to the injury of a citizen with a rubber-coated metal bullet in the head.

Meanwhile, the Israeli soldiers raided a house in the old Askar camp, searched it, tampered with its contents, and arrested the young man, Amir Al-Amir.


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West Bank: Two young Palestinians injured, another arrested, and a truck was burned