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International newspapers: Israeli retaliation against Iran is carefully designed, and Washington is isolated

International newspapers and websites discussed the repercussions of what they described as a limited retaliatory strike against Iran, and international support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, despite the United States’ use of its veto against full membership of Palestine in the United Nations.

Regarding the escalation between Tehran and Tel Aviv, the Washington Post wrote that Israel launched a “limited and carefully designed retaliatory” strike against Iran to avoid escalation.

It stated, based on expert analyses, "Israel's silence after the attack and Iran's downplaying of its importance suggest that both sides hope that the strikes exchanged so far will be sufficient to satisfy public opinion on both sides without the need for further retaliation."

The New York Times published an article in which it said, “The Israeli retaliatory strike indicates an attempt to withdraw from the danger zone - most likely - to return to the shadow war with Iran,” after the latest round of exchanged strikes brought the conflict between them into the open and raised fears of the outbreak of a wide-scale war. In the region, the newspaper adds.

While the Guardian newspaper saw in an article that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may benefit in the short term from what the article described as Iran’s calm response.

The article added, "The nature of the attack cannot restore Israel to the level of deterrence it enjoyed before the attack by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas)," warning that the outbreak of a multi-front war is still a strong possibility.

Iran announced at dawn on Friday that explosions had occurred in the sky of the city of Isfahan, and confirmed that there had been no missile attack or damage to sensitive installations, while American media quoted officials as saying that Israel had carried out retaliatory strikes in response to the Iranian attack that targeted it last Saturday.

Washington's international isolation

Regarding the vote of 12 members of the UN Security Council in favor of full membership for the Palestinians in the United Nations, Le Monde newspaper wrote that the result reveals the extent of international support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and confirms the importance of this option for achieving stability in the Middle East.

The French newspaper added that the result of the vote once again shows "the contradiction of the United States, which says it supports the two-state solution but at the same time prevents the Palestinians from achieving it."

In the same context, the Times of Israel newspaper quoted an American official as saying that Washington initially tried to persuade the Palestinian Authority to abandon its effort to obtain full membership in the United Nations, and then, after meeting with it, turned to the members of the Security Council to persuade them to oppose the draft resolution or abstain from voting. .

The newspaper comments that "the result of the vote showed the failure of American efforts, which is symbolic evidence of Washington's international isolation on this issue."

Source: Al Jazeera


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International newspapers: Israeli retaliation against Iran is carefully designed, and Washington is isolated