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Israeli media: If Netanyahu does not step down from his position, we will go “to hell”

In their discussions on Israeli media channels, Israeli analysts and experts focused on the developments in the prisoner exchange deal negotiations in light of the leaks related to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s obstruction of reaching an exchange deal two months ago. They also addressed the possible Iranian response to the Israeli attack on Tehran’s consulate in Damascus.

Channel 12 transmitted an audio statement from one of the participants in the ongoing negotiations with the Palestinian resistance, in which he said, "We went through the experience of not being listened to and ideas and proposals being rejected by Prime Minister Netanyahu."

According to Ilana Dayan, an investigative journalist for Channel 12, there may be a deal in the end, but it is a deal that Israel was able to reach two months ago, stressing that they will get a smaller number of living prisoners.

Leaks transmitted by Israeli Channel 12 from members of the Israeli negotiating delegation revealed that Netanyahu is obstructing the exchange and negotiations deal, and bypassing the heads of the negotiating delegation and the war council.

Israeli media channels quoted an Israeli - whose name was not mentioned - as saying, "We are now in the abyss, and if Netanyahu does not step down from his position, we will enter hell. We have lost the support of the world and we have lost the United States of America... Netanyahu cannot remain prime minister of Israel." 

On another topic, Kan 11 political affairs correspondent Suleiman Maswada said: Ministers in the mini-ministerial council criticize the army and the Israeli Internal Security Service (Shin Bet) after the assassination of the sons of the head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Ismail Haniyeh.

He pointed out that the assassination of Haniyeh's sons and grandchildren came at the height of the negotiations and while awaiting Hamas' response to the mediators' proposal, highlighting that estimates in Israel are that the response will include a request for an amendment to the proposal.

The Israeli channels' discussions also touched on the issue of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, and Israeli Education Minister Yoav Kisch commented on the issue, saying, "If we refrain from entering Rafah, this means that the Hamas movement will remain, and that we have been defeated in this war."

Regarding the possible Iranian response to the Israeli attack on the Tehran consulate in Damascus, Rafif Drucker, a political analyst on Channel 13, said that most Israeli elite officials speak with confidence about a response that will come from Iranian territory to Israel, and not from Syria, Iraq, or others, and that the Israeli response It will depend on the nature of the Iranian response.

Source: Al Jazeera


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Israeli media: If Netanyahu does not step down from his position, we will go “to hell”