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Israeli writer: We do not expect victory in Rafah, but more blood

Israeli writer Gideon Levy confirmed in an article in Haaretz newspaper that there is no clear rejection within the Israeli street to the invasion of Rafah, adding that the call coming from the United States not to invade the Palestinian city is “not strong enough.”

Levy continued that it is difficult to know what is going through the mind of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he declares that he has set a date for the invasion of Rafah, and he wondered whether this could be an attempt to please the allies only, or does he actually believe that he can achieve a victory there.

Gideon Levy explained that everyone knew from the beginning that there would be no victory in this war, and stressed that the desire to invade Rafah is a terrifying idea, wondering: Is it just bloodlust, an expression of hatred for the Palestinians and a desire for revenge for the attack on October 7?

Delusional villains

The Israeli writer said that those who think that a victory will be achieved through the invasion of Rafah are evil and delusional people.

He continued that Netanyahu would not be the only culprit in the event of an invasion of Rafah, as there is a camp demanding the invasion of the city, stressing that he had never heard that a reserve soldier - for example - refused to continue serving if the invasion began.

He explained that Israel had crammed more than a million orphans, bereaved, sick and wounded into Rafah, and added that this afflicted city had become a target to satisfy the desire to kill, as it had become firmly established in the minds of the government and its followers that “there is no victory without Rafah.”

Source: Haaretz


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Israeli writer: We do not expect victory in Rafah, but more blood