Thu 11 Apr 2024 4:45 pm - Jerusalem Time

Euro-Mediterranean Observatory: 13,000 missing in Gaza

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory said that its estimates indicate that the number of missing people as a result of the war in the Gaza Strip exceeded 13,000, and that some of them are still under the rubble, or were buried in random mass graves, or were forcibly hidden in Israeli prisons and detention centers, and some of them were killed inside them.

It said that the Israeli army has not published - so far - any data about the circumstances of the killing of these prisoners and detainees, and no independent party has been able - until now - to verify and identify the circumstances of their killing, and their bodies have not been exhumed, their identities determined, their remains returned, or even Inform their families.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory cautioned that this estimate is based on the volume of initial reports of missing persons, adding that it is difficult to estimate the true numbers of missing persons at this stage, given the continuing Israeli military attacks and the siege of many areas in which the Israeli army carries out its military operations, as well as the targeted practices of the Israeli army. To disperse Palestinian families, especially by forcing families to repeatedly migrate without providing safe passages.

Euro-Med stressed the need for rapid action to recover the bodies, warning that their continued presence in their current form threatens the spread of more epidemics and will have very serious repercussions on public health and the environment, matters that began to be felt several months ago.

It stressed that the crime of genocide committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October did not spare the victims even after they were killed, amid reprehensible international complicity.

It called for urgent international action to introduce special mechanisms and specialized teams to remove the rubble of homes and buildings bombed by the occupation forces, rescue the people trapped under their rubble and who are still alive, and recover thousands of bodies of others who have died under them since the start of the military attack on October 7 last year.

It called for the formation of decisive international pressure on Israel to secure the work of the people and crews working to remove this rubble, including civil defense crews, in addition to revealing the fate of thousands of missing Palestinian prisoners and detainees from the Gaza Strip who are detained by the Israeli army forces, including those who committed They are subjected to the crimes of enforced disappearance, murder, and unlawful execution in Israeli prisons and detention centers.


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Euro-Mediterranean Observatory: 13,000 missing in Gaza