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Haaretz: The outcast Israel, led by the “liar” Netanyahu, is collapsing due to the upheaval of world public opinion..

Israel has become a pariah state in the world, due to the aggression it launched against the Gaza Strip on the seventh of last October, and the Hebrew newspaper (Haaretz) said on Thursday that the heinous and heinous crime carried out by the occupation yesterday when it premeditatedly killed three of the sons of the head of the Hamas political department, Ismail Haniyeh, kept the entity from achieving its goal of completing a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas.

In an article published in the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, the political analyst, Akiva Eldar, discussed the manifestations of global public opinion turning against the occupying state, including restricting arms sales, all the way to the Security Council’s decision to cease fire in Gaza.

The writer, who mocked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by describing him as the “emperor” and the “flute player” from Caesarea, compared the Israeli reaction to Resolution 2334, which called on Israel to stop construction in the settlements in 2016, and its reaction to Resolution 2728, which was adopted by the UN Security Council last month. Last, he called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

He stressed that the entity withdrew its ambassadors in 2016 from the countries that supported the decision to stop building settlements, but after October 2023, Israel swallowed the insult due to passing the resolution calling for a ceasefire without responding to the countries that contributed to its passage, as well as the United States, which refrained. On the use of the veto.

The analyst listed the manifestations of Israel's decline and its global influence after October 7 in the form of items:

* European Union foreign ministers decided to impose sanctions on violent settlers, which include freezing property and banning travel to EU countries, and EU citizens will be prohibited from any commercial relations with these settlers.

* Bolivia suspended diplomatic relations with Israel, Chile, Colombia, Chad, Honduras, Turkey and Jordan lowered the level of relations, and the African Union practically suspended its observer status.

* Colombia suspended the purchase of weapons from Israel, and Israeli companies did not participate in the arms exhibition in Colombia and Chile, and the regional government of Valonia in Belgium suspended licenses to export weapons to Israel.

* The main ruling party in Spain and other parties suspended arms trade with Israel, and the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament voted to stop arms trade with the entity.

* The Jordanian government announced the postponement of the (electricity in exchange for water) deal with Israel.

* A number of pension funds in Denmark excluded Israeli companies and withdrew investments from them, including banks involved in activities in the settlements.

* Parliament in Canada voted in favor of stopping arms exports to Israel. More than 130 members of the British Parliament requested a ban on arms sales to Israel.

* The Spanish city of Barcelona severed all ties with Israel, and the city council of Ghent in Belgium announced that it would not buy from companies that profit from the occupation system and the oppression of the Palestinians.

* The municipality of Highfield in California voted to divest from four companies involved in Israeli violations of human rights and international law.

* 120 municipal councils in the United States passed resolutions demanding a ceasefire.

* Two large companies in Japan (Nippon Air Craft Supply) and (Itochu) severed their ties with the arms producer (Albit), and the Wisconsin Investment Board sold all of its shares in “Albit” (8,083 shares) that it owned. As for Bank of America” disposed of half of the company’s shares. Between the third and fourth quarter of 2023, Scotia Bank, the largest foreign investor in “Al-Bayt”, reduced its shares by 16 percent.

* Labor unions in the ports of Belgium, India, Catalonia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, California, and South Africa took steps against Israeli ships or arms shipments to Israel, and the Malaysian government banned Israeli-owned ships from docking in its ports.

* Five universities in Norway suspended cooperation agreements with Israeli universities. The Council of the Faculty of Law at the University of Antwerp decided to stop the cooperation agreement with Bar-Ilan University. The University of Turin decided to sever its relations with Israeli research institutions, “accomplices in genocide.” The Federal University of Ceara (Brazil) canceled the (Innovation Challenge: Brazil-Israel), the staff union at the University of Montreal, which represents about 1,400 staff members, voted overall to boycott Israeli universities; The Board of Trustees at the University of Michigan voted in favor of divestment from Israel.

* The European Gymnastics Federation’s Administrative Committee decided not to host Tel Aviv in the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in 2025.

* Four thousand gay artists pledged not to show their work in Israel, and ten film producers withdrew from the gay film festival that is being shown under Israeli sponsorship, while the German sportswear company (Puma) announced that it would not renew the contract with the Israel Football Association.

* The Irish government decided to withdraw two million euros from investments in large Israeli companies, valued at 2.95 million euros, and McDonald's International bought back its 225 restaurants in Israel from the local franchisee.

The analyst concluded by addressing the entity’s leaders: “How do you deal with this deep rift in relations with the whole world, and also return the kidnapped people?” Are you boycotting the Al Jazeera TV channel, which is affiliated with the Hamas liaison man?

Five Arab countries save Israel's exports

The Israeli Ministry of Economy published a report showing changes in the volume of Israeli exports between 2022 and 2023. What is noteworthy is that Israeli exports suffered from a stifling crisis last year, 2023, which led to a decline of 6 percent. However, five Arab countries saved Israel’s foreign trade, after in the same year they recorded a significant growth in Israel’s exports to it. This allowed Israel to avoid a more severe reduction in the volume of its exports.

Morocco ranked first with a growth rate of 128%, followed by Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, and the UAE.

It should be noted that Israeli official institutions give special importance to studying the growth rates of trade with Arab countries, as an indicator of Israel’s integration into its surroundings, as opposed to emerging from the state of an “island economy” isolated from the Middle East, as Israeli economists describe their country.


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Haaretz: The outcast Israel, led by the “liar” Netanyahu, is collapsing due to the upheaval of world public opinion..