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French magazine: Could the Gaza war bring down Biden in the presidential elections?

Under the title: “The American presidential elections... Can the war in Gaza bring down Joe Biden?”, the French magazine “Le Point” said that the American president realizes that the war launched by Israel against “Hamas” puts him in a position of conflict between two crucial necessities for his re-election.

The magazine added that the American president’s dilemma is summarized by Laila al-Abd, a Democratic activist from Michigan, in one sentence: “Joe Biden is financing the bombs that fall on relatives of the families who live here.”

The weight of history, the traditions of supporting Israel, and the importance of the Jewish community in his country force the American president to support the Hebrew state in its revenge war against “Hamas” after the October 7 massacres, but the humanitarian duty is on every individual in the face of the loss of many innocent lives, and even more than, when it comes to an American official who claims to belong to a democratic party in which human rights are one of its basic values, he must do everything in his power to stop the massacre of civilians as a result of the war in Gaza, Le Point says, noting that Biden expressed his hope to stop the massacre of civilians. He opened fire during the month of Ramadan, to no avail, as he had not succeeded, so far, and he even admitted, regrettably, that contrary to the commitments he had made to himself, there would be no ceasefire at the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

The magazine found that even if he now publicly condemns Prime Minister Netanyahu's policies, “which do more harm to Israel than good,” Joe Biden knows that he will be judged on his ability to stop the conflict.

Raids and ground attacks undoubtedly caused the deaths of more than 30,000 people in Gaza, if we refer to the figures issued by the Palestinian Red Crescent, which were also certified by the President of the United States.

A very extensive operation

That's why he launched the bold plan last Thursday during his State of the Union address: Since Gaza has no deep-water port, he decided to create a floating port connected to the coast one kilometer offshore by sea. It will be used by light trucks to transport up to two million meals a day to Gazans. The Pentagon notes that the United States has a specific practice of using these temporary ports to provide emergency assistance to civilian populations. Such operations have been carried out in the past in Haiti, Liberia and Indonesia. But each time, it was about helping refugees after a natural disaster.

In Gaza, it is about helping the victims of the ongoing war. This will require military protection measures, whether to establish the floating port or then protect it. Even if it was unthinkable for American soldiers to set foot on the coast. The operation is supposed to take two months, and a thousand American soldiers will be mobilized.

Le Point says that the experience of dropping food parcels from the air showed its limits and dangers, as one operation resulted in the deaths of 5 people and dozens of injuries. But even this bold plan raises doubts among humanitarian workers on the ground. Sigrid Kadd, the United Nations coordinator responsible for aid to civilians in Gaza, announced that nothing can replace the delivery of food aid by trucks. This is something that Israel does not accept except in moderation.

Is the Arab vote in Michigan essential?

Le Point went on to say that Joe Biden knows that he is playing his re-election card on his ability not to abandon Israel by continuing to supply it with weapons, while protecting Palestinian civilians as much as possible from these same weapons, and above all, by allowing them to survive. life.

Le Point pointed to about six million Arabs living in the United States of America, especially in California, New Jersey, New York, and especially in Michigan, which is one of the states that could fall into one camp or another. During the primaries, which took place on February 29, the slogan of the Arab community was to punish Biden for his lack of firmness in confronting the Gaza disaster through a blank vote. Activists for this cause expected to collect 10,000 votes, but there were 50,000 votes.

In 2020, 64% of American Muslims voted for Biden. Just like the majority of students on campus who have been demonstrating alongside the Palestinians since the beginning of the war in Gaza and who, without voting for Trump, can join the “non-committal” (neutrality) movement come November 5th.

It is time for Biden to convince the Israelis, one way or another, that the destruction of Gaza must end without delay, Le Point says.


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French magazine: Could the Gaza war bring down Biden in the presidential elections?