Mon 11 Mar 2024 9:00 pm - Jerusalem Time

Hebrew media: Israel transferred 70 orphans from Gaza to Bethlehem

Israel announced on Monday evening that it had allowed the transfer of more than 70 orphans from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank.

The Hebrew Channel 12 said that the orphans belonging to the SOS Children's Villages in Gaza were transferred to the Children's Village in Bethlehem, and among them were adults who had left these villages and came to accompany the children.

Channel 12 described that the transfer of the children took place in coordination between the Israeli army and the so-called Civil Administration, in an “exceptional” operation, during which large forces were mobilized for the purpose of the transfer operation along the traffic axis from the Taba crossing to the tunnel road south of Jerusalem, to allow buses of orphans and their companions to pass. To pass safely into the territories of the Palestinian Authority.

It explained that the political and security cabinet did not receive any update regarding this step, and did not issue a decision approving it.

It added, "This extraordinary humanitarian gesture came at the request of the German embassy, and was done despite the fact that Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is not prepared to even name the names or numbers of the living kidnapped."

A senior Cabinet official said, "This is a scandal and immoral behavior towards the kidnapped people in Gaza and their families."


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Hebrew media: Israel transferred 70 orphans from Gaza to Bethlehem