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“The Economist”: Air aid is a farce...and Biden’s anger at “Israel” will not stop the Gaza war

The British magazine “The Economist” confirmed today that the operation to drop aid over the Gaza Strip, which was conducted in conjunction with Jordan, did not symbolize America’s power, but rather its frustration with its limited ability to influence Israel’s war against the Gaza Strip.

President Biden has recently sharpened his tone towards Israel, saying that he will not accept “any excuses” for the delay in increasing humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip.

Biden is facing increasing pressure, at home and abroad, due to the horrific losses caused by the war on the Gaza Strip, especially the mass displacement of the Strip’s population, the death of thousands of civilians, and the spread of hunger and disease.

According to the magazine, Biden is making his dissatisfaction with Netanyahu clear in other ways as well. On March 4 and 5, his administration welcomed Benny Gantz as an alternative prime minister, and granted him meetings with the vice president, the national security advisor, and others. Netanyahu, who had not yet set foot in the White House under Biden, was very angry and tried to obstruct Gantz's efforts in Washington and London.

Since the beginning of the war on the Gaza Strip, President Biden has followed four axes: embracing Israel’s right to defend itself and destroying Hamas and its capabilities, preventing the spread of war, and seeking to limit the damage to Palestinian civilians in order to preserve America’s humanitarian image, in addition to resuming talks. Peace to establish a Palestinian state.

The magazine indicates that Biden sent weapons to the Israeli armed forces, and he also succeeded in avoiding a regional conflagration after the war. However, he claimed that he was struggling to protect ordinary Palestinians from the wrath of “Israel.”

The newspaper pointed out that “Hamas has been weakened, but not defeated, and is fighting through a network of tunnels.”

In turn, American officials say that the airdrops are part of an attempt to “flood the region” with aid. It is a highly inefficient method, and tends to cost three to four times as much as bringing food by land.

The sporadic flights, each delivering more than 30,000 meals, are more theatrics than a serious humanitarian relief effort.

The United States of America used its veto power three times against United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. She defended “Israel” before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

The newspaper also pointed out that “Biden’s support for Israel carries a cost for him at home, as he faces growing dissatisfaction.”

For his part, Bernie Sanders, the leftist senator who ran twice for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, condemned Israel's violation of the US Foreign Aid Law, which prohibits the provision of aid to any country that prohibits or restricts, directly or indirectly, the transfer or delivery of aid. American.

The magazine quoted Matt Doss, from the Center for International Policy, as saying that the airdrop operation reveals the blatant absurdity of American policy, adding: “We are airdropping food on the population whose starvation we are supporting with our arms and weapons.” Meanwhile, Republicans accuse Biden of tying Israel's hands.

Despite his irritation with Netanyahu, Biden refused to use American influence more directly, in the manner of Ronald Reagan, who blocked arms deliveries to Israel in the 1980s, or George H.W. Bush, who withheld loan guarantees to Israel in 1990.

The magazine concluded by saying, “Gantz’s independent diplomacy is a warning that Biden may put his thumb on the scales of unstable Israeli politics.”

Palestinian factions said that airdrops of aid contribute to reducing the work of UNRWA, and are a dedication to the occupation’s plans to separate and divide the Gaza Strip, and tighten the siege on the Palestinian people.

For its part, the American network “NBC” earlier quoted American officials as saying that President Joe Biden “is trying to intensify his pressure on Israel to bring more aid into the Gaza Strip and reduce the severity of the military attacks,” but he “did not reach Limit cutting off arms shipments to it.”

A few days ago, the Minister of National Security in the occupation government, Itamar Ben Gvir, claimed that transferring aid to the Gaza Strip exposes our soldiers to danger.

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“The Economist”: Air aid is a farce...and Biden’s anger at “Israel” will not stop the Gaza war