Mon 04 Mar 2024 2:02 pm - Jerusalem Time

Hamas Senior Leader: The Palestinian resistance will not yield to trickery and pressure

Leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", Osama Hamdan, stressed the Palestinian resistance's adherence to its positions and principles, and warned Israel and the United States that they would not yield to what he described as forms of deception and pressure.

In his speech during the conference of the “International Union of Resistance Scholars” in Beirut, the Hamas leader said, “With the continued steadfastness and resistance in the field, we assure the Zionists and their American partner that what is not done in the field will not be taken into account by the machinations of politics,” adding that “no matter what forms of deception and pressure are employed, the resistance will remain faithful to its sacrifices and adhere to the principles of its people and nation.”

Hamdan stressed, "Any flexibility shown by the Palestinian resistance in negotiations out of concern for the blood of the Palestinian people and to put an end to their great pain and sacrifices is matched by a complete readiness to defend our people."

He believed that the Palestinian resistance succeeded in reimposing the Palestinian issue as a liberation issue as it always was, and that it “exposed the flaw of the settlement with the Zionist entity and confirmed that it is not possible to coexist with this entity,” and that the resistance “thwarted the American administration’s plans to liquidate the Palestinian issue in full partnership with the occupation.” 

In the same context, Hamdan pointed out that the resistance forces are moving from the stage of cooperation and exchange of experiences to full participation in confronting the occupation, saying, “The resistance, through its actions and sacrifices in the battlefields of support in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Iran, has formed a solid structure in confronting the Zionist entity.”

Regarding the war of starvation to which the people of the Gaza Strip are subjected, the leader of the Hamas movement called on the Arab and Islamic nation and “the brothers in the ring countries” to take the initiative in breaking what he called the starvation conspiracy against the Gaza Strip and its north in particular, stressing that this is their duty.

He stressed the need to provide sustainable and successful support to end the suffering of the people of Gaza, calling on the nation to "impose a siege on Israel and cut off the roads it is trying to use to transport goods to the Palestinians, especially those that pass through the nation's ports and lands."

On the occasion of the month of Ramadan, Hamdan called on the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the occupied interior to “travel to Al-Aqsa Mosque from the first day of Ramadan and to turn every moment of Ramadan into a clash, confrontation and clash with the enemy.”

He said that it is also the nation's duty to contribute to the battle of Al-Aqsa Flood and to side with the Palestinian people and the resistance, which he said is still the choice of the nation and the people.


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Hamas Senior Leader: The Palestinian resistance will not yield to trickery and pressure