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The Financial Times calls on Washington to work seriously to stop the disaster in Gaza

The British newspaper "Financial Times" said that there is an urgent need to stop the catastrophe in the Gaza Strip, and called on the United States to work seriously to end it, otherwise it will be seen as complicit in its occurrence.

The newspaper explained that the killing of dozens of people who were hoping to obtain food supplies last Thursday confirms the extent of the miserable disaster in Gaza after Israel's siege that has continued for 5 months.

International warning of famine

The newspaper pointed out in an editorial that the number of Palestinians killed as a result of the Israeli attack last week exceeded 30,000, and that United Nations officials warned of famine and disease with the arrival of minimal aid to Gaza.

The newspaper added that the judges of the International Court of Justice ordered last January to take “immediate” measures to facilitate the delivery of aid to Gaza, but the opposite happened and aid deliveries decreased by almost half in February compared to the previous month, and she also pointed to the collapse of the civil order in sector.

The lack of aid demonstrates the inability of America and the West

The newspaper said that the lack of aid demonstrates, more than any other issue, the inability of the United States and its Western allies to pressure Israel to change the course of its war.

The newspaper reminded that the responsibility for ensuring the provision of sufficient food to the hungry falls on Israel as an occupying power.

The newspaper expressed her belief that the best way to stop the conflict, mitigate the humanitarian catastrophe, and ease regional tensions lies in the efforts made to reach an agreement between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), but the mediators (the United States, Qatar, and Egypt) - as she says - find it difficult to narrow the wide gaps between the parties. Main.

The newspaper said that the deadlock in the negotiations must be broken, and Qatar and Egypt must continue to pressure Hamas to reach an agreement and “release the Israeli hostages,” and America must do more to persuade Israel to alleviate the suffering in Gaza and end its attack.

The newspaper commented that America's decision to airdrop aid to the Gaza Strip is a sign of the urgency of the situation "which should not have reached this point."

Biden must surpass Netanyahu

The Financial Times said that US President Joe Biden, as a friend of Israel, must bypass Netanyahu and speak directly to the Israelis to warn of the harm that the massacre in Gaza is causing to Israel and its long-term security goals.

The newspaper added that Biden must set conditions on US arms sales if Netanyahu continues to ignore his advice. He must also support Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations to emphasize the seriousness of working for a two-state solution, and he must cancel the decision to stop US funding for UNRWA.

The newspaper concluded its editorial by saying that, above all, Biden must acknowledge that it is in the interest of Israel and America to fulfill the aforementioned duties, warning that the longer the war continues, the United States will be seen as complicit in the disaster in Gaza.

Source: Financial Times +Aljazeera


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The Financial Times calls on Washington to work seriously to stop the disaster in Gaza