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Hollywood star Liam Neeson demands that 5 urgent needs of the children of Gaza be met

Irish actor Liam Neeson - UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador - called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, speaking about 5 urgent needs for the children of the Strip.

Neeson said in a video clip published by the official UNICEF account on Saturday evening, “There are 5 things that children in Gaza desperately need, the first of which is protection. They have no safe place to go. There must also be an immediate end to the killing and maiming of children, and the safe release of all children.” Kidnapped children.

As for the second demand, it is: “Delivering supplies and aid is a matter of life and death. Children suffer from malnutrition, disease, and dehydration, and are in desperate need of hygiene. Water, food, shelter, and medical supplies, and they must have safe passage to access this aid, and workers must Relief can reach them safely."

The third thing Neeson called for was the need to provide basic services, saying, “Children suffering from serious injuries and illnesses are not getting the treatment they need. Hospitals, shelters, water and sanitation services have reached the breaking point, and must be protected and supplies allowed in to repair damaged infrastructure.” ".

As for the fourth demand, it was funding, explaining that “despite the severe challenges facing the provision of aid, UNICEF and its partners are committed to staying and providing aid, but the longer this conflict lasts, the greater the needs and the greater the funding, which is critical for the survival of children.”

The Irish star also recently called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, stressing that "the cost to children's lives as a result of this epic humanitarian catastrophe is unbearable, and the fighting must end now."

Well-known actor Liam Neeson is a long-time supporter of UNICEF, and has been a goodwill ambassador for the organization since 2011.


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Hollywood star Liam Neeson demands that 5 urgent needs of the children of Gaza be met