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Hebrew Newspaper: Israel has no real alternative to Netanyahu

Writer Gideon Levy said - in his column in Haaretz newspaper - that it has been proven once again that there is no realistic alternative, no original initiative, and no real opposition to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, concluding that Israel is a state with one voice, one view, and one opinion that repeats: “Together we will prevail,” in a reference to the war slogan that Netanyahu has adopted since the beginning of this war.

The writer explained that the behavior of the centrist parties throughout the war, including the results of two important votes in the Knesset last week, clearly proves that there is no solution regarding the basic issues of the state.

He added that these issues are what define the character of Israel, which is based on settlement, war, and democracy, despite the existence of major differences between the right, center, and Zionist left, and in light of the violent political conflict now raging between the two camps, where everyone talks about division, rift, and chasm, even though there is none in In reality there are real differences of opinion.

Cohen: Israel's most brutal and absurd war does not have a single opposing voice in the Knesset, even though the whole world is calling for it to stop.

The writer expressed his conviction that Israel's policy would not differ if it were ruled by any of the current leaders opposed to Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot, or Yair Lapid. He was surprised that they would unite to support a government decision that opposes the "unilateral" recognition of the Palestinian state, even though its occupation and settlement policy is the mother of unilateralism.

Although Israel was divided between the guardians of democracy and its destroyers, as Levy says, here it is united in the first test behind an anti-democratic measure - according to the writer - when most of those who struggled against the government coup, and all those who cried out for democracy, raised their hands in favor of dismissing a legislator because of his views. And his view of the world or fled the vote out of cowardice.

Thus, the coup won, not only with the votes of the right this time, but also with the votes of the center and left parties, and the escape of Gantz, Gadi Eisenkot, Yair Lapid, Merav Michaeli and their colleagues from voting was a disgrace to those who claim to be fighting for democracy, and they should have voted with “No” loud and clear.

The writer concluded that Israel's most brutal and absurd war does not have a single opposing voice in the Knesset, despite the fact that the whole world is calling for an end to the war, and that all previous wars had opponents, even after support at the beginning.

Gideon Levy concluded by saying that only Netanyahu’s hatred reminds that there is a coalition and an opposition, but this hatred is essentially a personal matter, but he has no proposal for an alternative, despite the truth of what is attributed to the prime minister of lying, pleasure-seeking, corruption, giving up hostages, and throwing himself into the arms of the right. Extremist Messianic.

Source: Haaretz


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Hebrew Newspaper: Israel has no real alternative to Netanyahu