Wed 29 Nov 2023 7:44 am - Jerusalem Time

Negotiations in Doha for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

The official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said on Tuesday that Qatar is witnessing discussions to conclude a new agreement for a “long-term truce” that includes the release of all detainees in Gaza, including soldiers, and Tel Aviv’s release of Palestinian prisoners “convicted” of killing Israelis.

This came in conjunction with talk in the Hebrew media about discussions in Doha between the heads of the Israeli Mossad, Dadi Barnea, the CIA, William Burns, the Egyptian intelligence, Abbas Kamel, and the Qatari Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, while no official comment was issued on this matter. 

The corporation said: “There is talk about discussions in Qatar, where the head of the Mossad is located, and on the table is a new agreement for a longer truce.” It explained that the agreement being discussed includes “the release of all abductees in Gaza, including men and soldiers.”

It continued: "In return, Israel extensively releases Palestinian security prisoners, including those convicted of killing Israelis."

According to the Commission, the Hamas movement expressed its approval of the broad outlines of the new agreement, but said it wanted a “complete ceasefire,” which Israel has rejected until now, while the movement has not officially commented on the matter.

The head of the Mossad informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the details of the new agreement being discussed in Doha, according to the same source.

In this context, the Hebrew Walla website said that the talks taking place in the Qatari capital, Doha, on Tuesday, with the participation of the Qatari Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman, the Director of the CIA, William Burns, and the head of the Mossad, David Barnea, The head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service, Abbas Kamel, aims to extend the current truce for up to 9 days, in exchange for the release of 50 additional hostages.

Walla also revealed that the discussions in Doha discussed the possibility of drafting a new agreement under which all other hostages held by Hamas, including soldiers, would be released without revealing more details.

The website added that Israel is ready to agree to extend the truce according to the terms of the current agreement, to reach nine days, in exchange for Hamas releasing 10 hostages for every additional day.

Source: Sama News


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Negotiations in Doha for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza