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Saudi newspaper: The Kingdom is in no rush to establish relations with Israel

Saudi media confirmed, on Saturday, that “the Palestinian issue is at the core of Saudi policy priorities, and that the Kingdom is at the forefront of countries supporting it at all levels.”

Al-Riyadh newspaper said, in its editorial today under the title “A Different Peace,” that “the balanced Saudi positions toward various issues make Saudi policy an attractive factor for gaining support for any just cause,” noting that “evidence indicates that the Kingdom is not in a rush to establish Relations with Israel under American auspices.”

She added, "Negotiating important matters and files takes a long time until reaching points of agreement between the negotiating parties, and it may take longer than expected," saying that "in negotiation, you may not get everything you want, but you get most of what you want."

The newspaper stressed that "negotiating to establish relations with Israel will pass through stages, with another path being to prepare the appropriate ground for the agreement to be built on clear foundations, and each party will know what it has and what it is entitled to once it is completed."

The White House confirmed earlier that "negotiations aimed at normalizing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia continue to advance."

National Security Council spokesman at the White House, John Kirby, said, “The two parties have established, I believe, a basic structure for what we can move toward,” noting that “a basic framework for a future agreement” has been reached, according to the Times of Israel newspaper.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that "there are many countries that are looking to make peace with Israel because of its security, cyber and technological capabilities."

Netanyahu said, in the government session, that “Israel is committed to establishing peace with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while preserving its security interests,” pointing out that “we had to overcome the concept that had prevailed until now that this could not be achieved without resolving the Palestinian issue.”

This comes a week after the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, said that Saudi Arabia was approaching the normalization step with Israel, but he stressed the importance of the Palestinian issue for its negotiations.

Meanwhile, Haim Katz, the Israeli Minister of Tourism, visited Saudi Arabia and said that “the love affair began to crystallize into a stable relationship between Riyadh and Tel Aviv.”

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, the website "i24NEWS" conducted an interview with Haim Katz, in which he explained that the Israeli delegation was warmly received in Riyadh, and roaming its streets was like wandering the streets of Tel Aviv.

Katz's visit comes at a time when Israel and Saudi Arabia are continuing their efforts to reach a normalization agreement, and it also coincides with the arrival of the first Saudi ambassador to Palestine, Nayef Al-Sudairi, to Ramallah for the first time, in order to receive his diplomatic credentials.

It is noteworthy that Israel signed agreements to normalize relations with the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco, and similar understandings with Sudan, in late 2020, under American sponsorship, and is currently seeking to sign a similar agreement with Saudi Arabia, which repeatedly confirms that this matter is linked to resolving the conflict with the Palestinians.

There are also reports that Saudi Arabia also links the normalization file to its acquisition of a peaceful nuclear plant with American assistance, which Israeli officials fear will get out of control in the future.

Israeli officials expressed their rejection of an agreement that gives Saudi Arabia the ability to enrich uranium, even if it is under an American umbrella.

They said in statements to the Israeli Broadcasting Authority “Kan”: “The vision of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for peace with Saudi Arabia through an agreement to normalize relations with it is indeed a ‘new Middle East,’ but we fear that within its framework will be the Kingdom’s ability to enrich uranium.”


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Saudi newspaper: The Kingdom is in no rush to establish relations with Israel