Fri 01 Sep 2023 1:40 pm - Jerusalem Time

Arab Economic and Social Council Adopts Decisions in Support to Palestine

The Arab Economic and Social Council, in its 112th regular session at the ministerial level, which was held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, under the presidency of Yemen, adopted a draft resolution on supporting the Palestinian economy.

According to the draft resolution presented by the Minister of National Economy, Khaled Osseily, there is a call for the establishment of Arab partnerships to support the Palestinian economy for the gradual disengagement from the Israeli occupation through investment in Palestine and the Palestinian industrial cities, and Arab goods are a substitute for the Israeli and European products.

The Council called on the Arab countries to cooperate in order to establish a permanent exhibition in Palestine for Arab products, to promote the promotion of the Palestinian product within the Arab countries by providing facilities, and to assist in the establishment of permanent exhibitions for Palestinian products in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy.

The Council renewed its call to the Arab countries to join their efforts to empower Palestinian families in fragile and marginalized areas, to continue to provide financial contributions to the UNRWA budget, and to resume technical support programs provided to the least developed countries, including the State of Palestine.

The Council confirmed taking the necessary measures regarding the boycott of the Israeli occupation and its colonial regime, and instructing the General Secretariat - the economic sector, to find appropriate mechanisms to monitor any violations in this framework by international companies, and to present an annual report to the Council to take the appropriate decision in this regard.

The Council decided to refer the intervention plan and financing mechanisms for the sectorial strategy to support Jerusalem, which was approved during the economic and social development summit held in Beirut, to ministerial councils and specialized Arab organizations, and put them on their agendas, and work to implement these items, each according to his competence.

The Council renewed its call to the specialized ministerial councils, each in its field of specialization, to provide support to the State of Palestine, and to direct part of its programs to implement relief and development projects that would mitigate the effects of aggression and rehabilitate what the occupation destroys, and to confront the economic effects of the effects of the "Corona" pandemic that hit the Palestinian economy greatly. .

He called on the specialized Arab organizations and Arab financing institutions, each in his field of specialization, to provide all possible types of support, through the implementation of development programs and projects to rehabilitate what was destroyed by the Israeli occupation aggression in all Palestinian cities and the Gaza Strip, and to submit an annual report to be presented to the session of the Council in September.

The Council expressed its thanks to the State of the Arab Emirates and the Arab Republic of Algeria for their pledge to provide urgent financial assistance for the reconstruction of the damage and catastrophic effects left by the Israeli occupation in the Jenin camp, during its invasion of the city of Jenin Al-Samoud.

  In his decision, he stressed the promotion and revitalization of trade in services, especially in the information technology sector, among Arab countries, and the establishment of a comprehensive incubator for programs and incentives to integrate Arab youth, their ideas and creativity to build a digital economy.


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Arab Economic and Social Council Adopts Decisions in Support to Palestine