Sun 04 Jun 2023 4:11 pm - Jerusalem Time

Administrative prisoners to go on hunger strike

The administrative prisoners in the occupation prisons intend to take a series of steps that will end with an open-ended hunger strike, the date of which will be determined soon.

In a statement issued on Sunday evening, the administrative prisoners called on all legal, human rights and media institutions inside and outside the country to stand up to their responsibilities and support them in their struggle against this criminal policy.

The administrative prisoners said: "Your support for this strike is a victory for the blood of the martyr Khader Adnan, and it sounded the alarm for not repeating the crime of execution against any prisoner on hunger strike."

He called on all the Palestinian people and all the free people of the world to launch the largest campaign of solidarity with the prisoner Walid Daqqa, and to put pressure on the occupation to release him before it is too late, especially in light of the sharp decline in his health condition.


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Administrative prisoners to go on hunger strike