Fri 02 Jun 2023 5:39 pm - Jerusalem Time

Will Israel launch a second 'Guardians of the Wall' operation in the West Bank?

The continuous shooting operations from the West Bank towards Israeli targets, the latest of which was not the last of which was the injury of an Israeli soldier near Nablus, disturbs the security system in Tel Aviv.

The shootings during the past May amounted to 62 operations, some of which were by targeting settlers or the settlements themselves, or the Israeli army on roads and axes, or even during its storming of some areas, as reported by the statistics of the Jewish Voice of Settlers website.

The last week, which ends today, was particularly tense after the killing of a settler near Tulkarm, the injury of an Israeli soldier at dawn today, and the exposure of Israeli vehicles and military sites to a series of shooting operations.

Maariv newspaper says in an analytical report by its correspondent and military analyst, Tal Lev Ram, that if the danger of Palestinian operations increases and leads to deaths and injuries, Israel may resort to carrying out broader military operations that will last for several days against the concentration of armed cells, especially in Nablus and Jenin, and may extend to other areas such as Nur Shams camp in Tulkarem, which has recently begun to appear in pictures with the expansion of the activities within it.

According to the analytical report, a large-scale operation is on the agenda, especially after the large-scale operations that lasted for hours in the Aqabat Jabr camp in Jericho, the Tulkarm camp, and other areas recently, and carried a clear message to the Palestinian Authority and the armed elements that the possibility of returning to larger operations in "Terrorist nests" are now more on the table than ever before. As Tal Lev Ram said.

He pointed out that the political as well as the military level in Israel does not prefer to enter into such a confrontation, especially in light of the ongoing preparations for the possibility of a confrontation erupting on several fronts, especially the northern ones, and the allocation of more resources regarding the Iranian nuclear file.

He indicated that if the Israeli army decided to carry out such operations, it would focus not only on the human element of the armed cells, but would also extend to the confiscation of weapons and the destruction of the IED manufacturing factories deployed in the West Bank recently.

He warned that such an operation might prompt a new escalation with the Gaza Strip, or at least an escalation of the situation in other areas of the West Bank and the implementation of a series of attacks from different regions, and it is not certain that such an option will achieve deterrence, in light of the erosion of the ability to achieve any political progress. with the Palestinians.


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Will Israel launch a second 'Guardians of the Wall' operation in the West Bank?