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Translator: The West Bank is a ticking time bomb!

An Israeli report, published on Friday, saw that the West Bank is a ticking bomb, which still poses the greatest threat to the Israeli security system.

According to the analytical report of the reporter and military analyst for the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, Amos Harel, all the problematic trends in the West Bank continue with force, represented by the weakness of the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, the loss of the authority’s control over the West Bank, the significant increase in the number of shootings against the Israelis, and the noticeable increase In the extent of the involvement of members of the Palestinian security services in these attacks, and mostly in participating in armed clashes against the Israeli army during its operations in the cities of the West Bank.

He considered that the shooting attack near the Harmish settlement in Tulkarem testifies to the expansion of the armed groups' activity, noting that the settlement roads are a major weakness for the Israeli defense system in the West Bank.

He pointed out that there is a great effort in Nablus, which is evident in attempts to develop more lethal explosive devices, and they have been clearly used more than once recently, pointing out that there are also efforts being made to develop homemade rockets and mortar shells in the West Bank, and part of the activity is based on smuggling weapons. and explosive materials from Jordan.

And he indicated that Hamas is heavily involved in all this activity and encourages it with the intent of achieving a dual goal, which is to harm Israel, and to challenge the position of the Palestinian Authority.

Harel said: "If Abbas steps down from power or dies soon, these efforts will increase even more, with Hamas believing that it will be able to control independent enclaves throughout the West Bank."

Harel asked whether Israel would reconsider its policies towards Hamas, in light of these developments that are emerging in the West Bank.

He pointed out that Hamas in the Gaza Strip is satisfied with the general situation, especially since the last two operations of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip were directed against Islamic Jihad, and it did not bring any price, although behind the scenes in the last round it provided limited assistance by firing anti-aircraft missiles.

And he indicated that, with Israeli approval, large quantities of goods still cross from Egypt into the Gaza Strip every day through the Rafah crossing, pointing out that the Egyptian control is not tight, and it is possible that some of the materials that enter are of dual use, and can be used to accumulate the military strength of Hamas. .

He pointed to the continued entry of about 17,000 workers from the Gaza Strip, noting that Hamas hopes that the right-wing government led by Benjamin Netanyahu will raise the number soon to 20,000.

In his analytical report, Harel considered this as "mere economic absurdity."

Former Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, who is currently a member of the Knesset for the "national camp," commented, "The West Bank is a ticking bomb. The Abbas era is nearing its end, and support for Hamas is getting stronger, as is very evident in the movement's recent victories in university elections." Bank."

Eisenkot considered that the current Israeli policy, which deliberately weakens the authority and allows Hamas to grow, is "a political and strategic folly that expresses the government's dragging behind the positions of Bezalel Smotrich."

The newspaper refers to Smotrich's policies, which represented the transfer of the religious school a few days ago in the Homesh outpost from its outskirts to its depth, after forcing the Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to make the decision legally, in addition to the campaign of his supporters against the army commander in the West Bank, Yehuda Fox, because of the administrative detention orders against him. Some of them.

The newspaper believes that Smotrich considers his position as Minister of Finance to be his second concern, and that his focus is on his position as a minister in the Ministry of the Army, which allows him to put pressure on those forces to deal with him, taking advantage of his first position to achieve his settlement goals through the money he controls.


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Translator: The West Bank is a ticking time bomb!