Tue 30 May 2023 10:42 am - Jerusalem Time

Details emerge about the sinking of a boat carrying Israeli mossad officers

Today, Tuesday, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica revealed new details about the sinking of a boat in Lake Maggiore, which was carrying Israeli and Italian intelligence officers, and which yesterday claimed the lives of 4 people.

According to the Italian newspaper, a 54-year-old retired Israeli intelligence officer was killed, along with two Italian intelligence officers, and the wife of the owner of the boat, a Russian citizen.

According to the newspaper, about 20 Israeli and Italian intelligence officers and members were on board the tourist boat, former and current, who are still at work.

It indicated that 10 officers and members of the Israeli intelligence who survived the incident were immediately transported in a military plane to Tel Aviv, leaving behind Ford cars that had been rented to drive around during their tourist trip.

Italian officers and intelligence agents were also immediately evacuated from the area so as not to leave a trace.

For its part, the Hebrew website Ynet said that the identity of the Israeli officer who was killed because of his security past will not be published.

And the Hebrew website indicated that he was from the elite of the security community, and is considered a genius in his field, and his friends know very little about his intelligence life.

He indicated that he traveled to Italy with some of his colleagues from the Israeli intelligence, on a joint recreational trip on the lake with people from the Italian intelligence to celebrate a birthday.

The Italian police confirmed that the event was not a deliberate act, and that the boat capsized due to a sudden storm, and some of those on board managed to swim 150 meters, while others were rescued by rescue teams.


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Details emerge about the sinking of a boat carrying Israeli mossad officers