Mon 29 May 2023 10:37 am - Jerusalem Time

Self-financing is a necessity to maintain the educational curricula

The occupation attack on the Palestinian educational curricula is not new today, but rather it is escalating these days with the aim of undermining the real Palestinian narrative and replacing it with the fake Israeli one, and teaching it to Palestinian students on the grounds that it is the correct narrative in an attempt to consolidate it in their minds thinking that this would make them forget The correct Palestinian narrative, and thus coexistence with the occupation, erasing the Palestinian memory, and other things that target the Palestinian generations, especially after the failure of the occupation authorities to force our people to leave their land, whether through their countless practices and crimes, or by providing the necessary facilities for them to leave. However, it is unlikely that it will succeed in that, despite all the practices and violations it has committed that amounted to war crimes.

At the level of the Palestinian curriculum in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the occupying state incites the countries that support the state of Palestine financially, by accusing the Palestinian curricula of being incitement against the occupying state, and does not lead to what they call peace, even though the occupying state is the one that rejects peace and works to annex the West Bank Western lands to it through the confiscation of lands, the establishment of more settlements, the expansion of existing ones, the legalization of settlement outposts, and the allocation of large sums of money to increase the number of settlers in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, to reach more than a million settlers within a year or two, and this was stated by more than one official in the Netanyahu government. Right-wing and racist in the history of the governments of the occupying state, which was established on the ruins of our people with the support of the colonial powers.

And this occupation incitement against the Palestinian curricula led some countries that support education to form committees to study the Israeli incitement, but the Palestinian curricula remained the same as they include the real Palestinian narrative, and the occupying state failed in this incitement, but from time to time the occupying state returns to this incitement and urges the countries Which provides financial and other support to stop this support and demolish schools that the European Union contributes to building, especially in the Jordan Valley, Hebron District and Bethlehem.

As for occupied Jerusalem, there is no problem. The occupying power is working day and night to change the Palestinian curricula and replace them with Israeli curricula, with the aim of erasing the Palestinian memory and spreading the false and forged Israeli narrative that contradicts history and facts.

In this context, schools teaching the Palestinian curriculum threatened to be closed if they continued teaching this curriculum and did not replace it with the Israeli curriculum, from which everything related to Palestine and our people's belonging to this Islamic and Arab land is deleted.

It is also the occupation authority that offers financial inducements to schools that agree to teach the fake and forged Israeli curriculum, and exercises all forms of restrictions on other schools.

In short, what is required in the face of this is that education be fully funded by the responsible Palestinian authorities, and in cooperation with the Palestinian businessmen who have come. Especially from western countries that are completely biased towards the occupying power.


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Self-financing is a necessity to maintain the educational curricula


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