Mon 29 May 2023 10:34 am - Jerusalem Time

The Palestinian prescription in resisting colonialism in financing education and apartheid

The world celebrates the World Anti-colonial Week in financing education, and this occasion acquires special importance in Palestine, where the occupying power targets the educational process, imposes the apartheid regime, imposes the false Zionist narrative, demolishes schools and limits the ability of students and teachers to move, in addition to a continuous series From killing, abuse, arrest and families against the components of the educational process. Colonialism in Palestine is not only directed towards land and people, but is also directed towards education. Education in Jerusalem is a vivid example of the practices of abuse, apartheid, and the imposition of the Israeli narrative.

Not only that, but the donor countries exert a lot of pressure on the Palestinian National Authority in order to change the Palestinian curricula under the pretext that they are curricula that feed the rhetoric of conflict and hatred. On the other hand, no one holds the Israeli side accountable for its official and unofficial curricula that falsify the past and present, and encourage their students to kill and expel the Palestinian people from their land. In fact, as Dr. Marwan Awartani, the Palestinian Minister of Education, spoke at the press conference held at the Ministry of Information on the occasion of Colonization Day in Finance, the occupation itself is the real curriculum for Palestinian students. It represents the reality of injustice and persecution that Palestinian students grow up on daily. and impose an unsafe learning environment on them. In short, it is a curriculum taught by the occupation soldiers and settlers, and its resistance by students does not only become part of the context of the outcomes of the educational process, but rather becomes a lever for awareness and awareness that makes education in Palestine an important tool for preserving and preserving the true Palestinian history in the face of the false Zionist narrative.

The Palestinian National Authority has succeeded in confronting all the international pressures imposed to change the curricula, and the instructions of the Palestinian leadership were decisive in the need to strengthen and develop these curricula, given that our struggle with the occupation is essentially a narrative conflict. Therefore, a national committee for Palestinian curricula was formed, one of its most important goals is to enhance the presence of the novel. Palestinian in the Palestinian curricula. Not only that, but tax reform policies were imposed by the Palestinian Council of Ministers, according to which the collection of education tax (knowledge tax) was expanded to cover most municipalities, with the aim of enhancing national funding for the educational process. In the same context, the Ministry of Education has excelled in creating a distinguished digital system for the project of adopting schools within a framework of governance and transparency, so that the number of schools adopted by Palestinian businessmen abroad has exceeded more than 1350 schools.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Palestinian case represents a balanced and successful model in resisting the colonization of funding in education by fortifying the national narrative and reducing dependence on external support for the educational process and replacing it with national self-financing. In short, it is the typical recipe offered by the State of Palestine to all third world countries in the field of confronting the colonization of funding in education.


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The Palestinian prescription in resisting colonialism in financing education and apartheid


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