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Report: The Gaza war ignites the fire of disagreements and tension between the US administration and Netanyahu

The often complicated relationship between the White House and Benjamin Netanyahu is witnessing a new episode of tension, after the Israeli Prime Minister criticized the pace of US military aid deliveries.

The White House on Thursday considered Netanyahu’s statements this week regarding the delay in delivering US arms shipments to his country “insulting.”

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters, “Those statements were deeply disappointing and certainly insulting to us, given the amount of support we provide and will continue to provide.”

Netanyahu had stated in a video clip that although he appreciated American support during the Gaza war, “it is unreasonable that the American administration has withheld weapons and ammunition from Israel in the past few months.”

Netanyahu stressed on Thursday that his country needs American weapons in a “war for its existence,” in a direct response to the White House’s criticism of its complaints about the delay in delivering arms shipments.

Netanyahu said in a statement, “I am prepared to endure personal attacks on the condition that Israel receives from the United States the weapons it needs in a war (which it is waging) for its existence.”

Netanyahu is expected to arrive in Washington on July 24, in the midst of the presidential and legislative election campaign, to deliver a speech before Congress.

“No other country is doing more to help Israel defend itself against the threat of Hamas and other regional threats,” Kirby said.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday, “We really don’t know what he’s talking about.”

In turn, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller announced Thursday that “our commitment to Israel’s security is sacred.” We proved that not only with words but with actions.”


The United States said that only one shipment to Israel of 2,000-pound (more than 900 kg) bombs was under review due to concerns about their use in crowded areas.

In separate statements, Kirby said that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is scheduled to meet on Thursday with his Israeli counterpart, Tzachi Hanegbi, and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer.

Israeli National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi and Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer spoke with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

During this meeting, Blinken affirmed “the United States’ firm commitment to Israel’s security,” according to what his spokesman Matthew Miller said.

Miller added that the US Secretary of State also stressed “the importance of avoiding a new escalation in Lebanon” through “a diplomatic solution that allows the Israeli and Lebanese families who were displaced due to the exchange of fire on the border, to return to their homes.”

Washington is the main military supporter of Israel, but the White House expressed its dissatisfaction with the high number of civilian martyrs in Gaza, where the war has been continuing for more than eight months.

The White House's reaction on Thursday is not the first episode of tensions with the Israeli Prime Minister since the start of the war in the Gaza Strip on October 7.

US President Joe Biden does not hide his troubled relationship with Netanyahu. In particular, he publicly expressed his opposition to a massive ground offensive in Rafah, where more than a million civilians are trapped, and threatened to halt certain arms shipments to Israel if his warning was not heeded.

The war in Gaza represents a politically thorny issue for the 81-year-old Democrat, who is seeking to win a second term in November against his Republican rival, Donald Trump.

The ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in the besieged Palestinian Strip and the increasing human losses sparked strong criticism of the American president from the progressive camp and from voters of Arab origin.



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Report: The Gaza war ignites the fire of disagreements and tension between the US administration and Netanyahu