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Hebrew media: Netanyahu is working on Trump’s success against Biden to launch a devastating war on Lebanon..

In the wake of the deepening dispute and the exchange of offensive statements between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and officials in the White House, political sources, described as high-ranking in Tel Aviv, revealed that the American envoy to the region, Amos Hochstein, held a meeting during his recent visit to the entity with Netanyahu, which According to sources, she was very nervous.

 The same sources stressed, according to what the Hebrew newspaper (Haaretz) reported on Friday, that Hockstein was very angry with Netanyahu because of the latter’s attack on the American administration led by Joe Biden, adding that Hockstein conveyed to him a stern message from the White House stating that his statements about American support for Israel Separated from reality.

 At the same time, she also clarified that describing Netanyahu as ungrateful is the least that can be said about the actions of the Israeli Prime Minister, and quoted White House spokesman John Kirby, who is known for his strong support for Israel, as saying, “The video that Netanyahu filmed and broadcast is astonishing, astonishing, and disappointing.” “Strange, puzzling, incomprehensible, and confusing, I have no explanation for what the Israeli Prime Minister was thinking when he made his statement,” according to Kirby.

 In addition to what was mentioned above, the newspaper revealed that Hockstein held a meeting with the leader of the opposition in the occupying state and head of the Yesh Atid party, Yair Lapid, in the latter’s office in the Israeli Knesset, where Hockstein “complained” to Lapid about Netanyahu’s actions and told his interlocutor that the United States of America Since October 7 of last year, it has sent weapons and aid worth $7.5 billion to the entity, according to what was reported from the same sources.

 Over the years, American aid has helped Israel develop one of the best armies in the world, as this funding allows it to purchase the latest and most advanced military equipment from the United States.

 For example, but not limited to, Israel purchased 50 F-35 fighter planes, which can be used in missile attacks, and Israel is still waiting for the delivery of 27 of them. The value of each of them is about one hundred million dollars.

 Last year, Israel also purchased eight Boeing KC-46A (Pegasus) aircraft, in a deal worth $2.4 billion. They are aircraft capable of refueling other aircraft (such as the F-35) while in the air.

 It is noteworthy that the aforementioned amount does not include the aid that was approved by former US President Barack Obama in 2016, at a value of 38 billion dollars for a period of 10 years, meaning that the occupying state receives every year an amount of 3.8 billion dollars, the vast majority of which is allocated for military purposes, and that this The agreement expires in 2026.

 The sources also made it clear that Netanyahu is gambling with Israel and that he practically wants the success of Republican Donald Trump, President Biden’s rival, who is the most Zionist president in the history of the United States. However, Netanyahu is counting on Biden’s loss to Trump, in order to receive the green light from the president who may be elected to launch A large-scale and destructive war against Hezbollah and Lebanon, which could very quickly turn into a comprehensive regional war, in which Israel will be exposed to unprecedented destruction, as it will do according to its planning in Lebanon, according to what the Hebrew newspaper (Maariv) reported yesterday, Thursday, from a former advisor to Netanyahu, He requested that his name not be revealed, for fear that he would be attacked by the poison machine that works around the clock for Netanyahu in the media and on social media.

 In response to the White House spokesman, Netanyahu said: “I am ready to tolerate personal attacks, on the condition that Israel receives from the United States the ammunition it needs in the war for its existence.”

 Hebrew media reports indicated that Netanyahu's decision to go to a public confrontation with the Biden administration, in this regard, was contrary to the opinion of officials in the security establishment, and even the opinion of Defense Minister Yoav Galant, knowing that they believe that displaying the dispute in public would harm the image of Israeli deterrence, in the face of... The “Axis of Resistance,” and Hezbollah in particular.

 Netanyahu came back and confirmed that “the Israeli army will not withdraw from Gaza before returning all the hostages and eliminating Hamas’ capabilities.” In parallel, tensions are rising between the political and security levels in the entity, especially between Netanyahu and the army leaders. The Wall Street Journal quoted retired Israeli General Yisrael Ziv as saying that “tensions between the army and Netanyahu have reached their highest levels,” noting that “the army has a feeling that Israel has exhausted the purpose of the war, considering that “we are close to completing the mission it set.” The government and we will reach a point where we engage in a guerrilla war,” he said.


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Hebrew media: Netanyahu is working on Trump’s success against Biden to launch a devastating war on Lebanon..