Thu 20 Jun 2024 3:20 pm - Jerusalem Time

UN official: What is happening in Gaza is a war on women

The Special Representative of the United Nations Women's Office in Palestine, Maris Guimond, said after a week-long visit to Gaza that what is happening in the Strip is a "war on women", given the high number of Palestinian women killed by occupation fire.

This came in an interview she conducted with United Nations News from Jerusalem via Zoom, in which she described “the profound impact of the scenes of destruction and displacement,” and highlighted “the disproportionate impact of the war in Gaza on women,” as more than 10,000 women have been killed since its beginning.

Guimond said: “I returned from Gaza yesterday, and this was the first time I had returned to the Strip since the beginning of the war. The last time I was there was on October 4.”

She continued: "We have been watching (the war) on television for 9 months. We have a team in Gaza and partners with whom we have been in contact, but I do not think that gives us the complete truth until you find yourself surrounded by what the war caused in Gaza from the moment you entered the Strip."


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UN official: What is happening in Gaza is a war on women