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“Sa’ar and Barak” raise the red card: Iran is in the process of a new “holocaust” within half a year to destroy the entity with “the unity of the squares”..

Former Israeli Minister of Justice, Gideon Sa'ar, who today serves as a member of the Knesset and a member of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, revealed, according to what was reported by the Hebrew newspaper (Haaretz), the existence of an Iranian plan aimed at eliminating Israel, after dragging the entity into a war of attrition that weakens it. Through Hezbollah, the Ansar Allah group in Yemen, and what he called the Shiite militias in Iraq, according to Sa’ar, who resigned from the current government, where he was a minister without a portfolio.

 Moreover, the newspaper stressed that the former Minister of Defense and head of the Yisrael Beytenu party, Avigdor Lieberman, said in closed sessions that Iran is preparing for a new Holocaust within two to three years, he said, noting that Lieberman is a member of the Knesset subcommittee. The Israeli Committee for Intelligence and Security Services Affairs, which is the most secret committee in the occupying state.

 In the context of its report, the newspaper pointed out that Sa’ar and Lieberman warned against the Iranian plan to destroy Israel and remove it from the map, because, apparently, they were asked to warn against this plan, adding that the two have very close relations with the highest officials in the Israeli security system, According to the newspaper.

 According to the newspaper, the third man who has begun to warn of the Iranian plan is former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who even his most staunch political opponents acknowledge is the number one military man in the history of the entity. He also previously held the position of Commander-in-Chief of the occupation army and was Minister of Security.

 Barak, told Yossi Warter, political correspondent for the Hebrew newspaper, that the Islamic Republic of Iran will launch an attack to exhaust Israel within less than half a year to a year, from all fronts and with the participation of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iraqi militias. In addition, Barak stressed the possibility of The outbreak of a third intifada, and in the course of his speech, Barak stressed that the war of attrition aims to collapse and fall Israel, and then eliminate it and erase it from the map, according to Barak’s statements.

The Israeli Minister of Security previously explained that what happened on the seventh of last October did not bring destruction to Israel, but rather blatant damage to the morale of the Israelis. However, the Hamas attack, the most dangerous in the history of Israel, caused very disastrous results, and what we are dealing with is Today, he is in danger of disappearing, because the threat has become existential, as he put it.

 The former Israeli Prime Minister also stressed that Iran has become a country on the threshold of a nuclear weapon, and its direct attack against the entity last April, via missiles and drones, broke its psychological barrier, and based on that, Tehran is working to remove General Qassem’s plan. Soleimani, which calls for Israel to be surrounded by enemies from all sides, with the aim of destroying the Hebrew state, as he said.

Barak, who is the most decorated soldier in the entity, pointed out that unifying the fronts against Israel and exhausting it will continue until it is subjugated and eliminated, adding that the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is not able to face this dangerous challenge, because he has become isolated from reality, and there are no A way to fix it, he says.

Barak added: “Israel is living in a rolling and developing crisis, the end of which is still far away. It is the most dangerous and severe crisis it has witnessed since its beginning. The crisis began on October 7th, through the most horrific failure in the state’s history, and it continues with the war that is turning out to be the most failed in our history, as a result of strategic paralysis at the top of the pyramid. Victory is not a stone’s throw away. Until we reach that point, our prisoners will return in shrouds, or their fate will be like the fate of Ron Arad, the Israeli pilot whose traces disappeared in Lebanon in 1986 and the Hebrew state knew nothing about him.

He concluded by saying: “Given these facts, abandoning the hostages again means destroying the moral base of society and the state, and the phrase ‘consolidated victory’ is nothing but a slogan empty of content, from the beginning,” according to his statements.

 It is worth noting that Barak, who is over eighty years old, has retired from political life, and has no intention of running for any position, also due to his advanced generation.


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“Sa’ar and Barak” raise the red card: Iran is in the process of a new “holocaust” within half a year to destroy the entity with “the unity of the squares”..