Fri 17 May 2024 5:59 pm - Jerusalem Time

Gallant: “We must prepare and take the possibility of war into account.”

The Israeli Minister of Security, Yoav Galant, conducted an assessment of the situation at the army headquarters in the north, and during his meeting with soldiers on the border, he urged them to be prepared and highly prepared for the possibility of developments and to take waging a war into account.

Gallant said during his meeting with the soldiers, "My arrival here did not come from nowhere. I understand the pressures and I came here to see first-hand the reality you are living in and I fully understand the extent of the damage."

He added, "I arrived here after conducting an assessment of the situation. There is no doubt that there is damage and I know very well what is happening on the other side. There is great damage to large parts of southern Lebanon. There are thousands of homes that were damaged and hundreds were destroyed, and each of them is not just a house, but a house." A house where there were 'vandals'."

Gallant continued, "This morning 'saboteurs' were injured, and at the beginning of the week we assassinated one of Hezbollah's senior leaders in the western sector. We must prepare and take into account that anything can happen. We will reach a situation in which we restore security to the population."

He pointed out, "We want to exhaust every opportunity to do this by agreement because we know that war has costs and we prefer to avoid it, but we have to take into account that this matter could happen and prepare for it, and if we reach this conclusion we will act because we simply need to care about our citizens."

Gallant concluded his speech to the soldiers by saying, "I realize the difficulty, but I am telling you that what is happening on the other side is much more difficult. This is true because here we live in a democracy, while there no one is allowed to speak, and whoever speaks they cut off his head. This is the situation."


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Gallant: “We must prepare and take the possibility of war into account.”