Thu 16 May 2024 6:54 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israel forms a team to punish Palestinian Authority, and Washington demands that it transfer tax revenues

Israeli public radio said that the Biden administration asked the occupation government to transfer tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority, while this government plans to take measures against the Palestinian Authority, under the pretext of responding to the steps taken internationally by the Palestinian Authority against Israel.

On Thursday, Israeli Radio said that officials in the Biden administration attended due to the repercussions of the worsening financial crisis that the Palestinian Authority is suffering from, and the possibility that withholding tax revenues will lead to further deterioration of security throughout the West Bank.

It added that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will address this file during his visit to Israel, as he is expected to arrive during the day on Thursday.

This comes as the occupation government decided, in its last weekly session, to form a team that includes the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Judiciary and Finance, in order to formulate a package of measures against the Palestinian Authority.

Minister Orit Struk, who took the initiative to discuss this issue in the government, said that they need a package of measures that will cause severe harm to the Palestinian Authority and make it pay a heavy price, criticizing the position of the army and the Shin Bet, “which claims that security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority is beneficial, at a time when the situation is worsening.” “Bad,” she said.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich commented that "the time has come for the Palestinian Authority to collapse and become financially bankrupt."

While Justice Minister Yariv Levin said, “The harms of the Palestinian Authority outweigh its benefits, so it is necessary to harm senior officials and impose a price on the ground.”

It is noteworthy that the Minister of the Occupation Army announced his rejection of Israel imposing military rule on the Gaza Strip after the war. His statements were met with sharp criticism from ministers and members of the Knesset, who affirmed their rejection of any idea that might lead to the return of the Palestinian Authority to administering the Gaza Strip.


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Israel forms a team to punish Palestinian Authority, and Washington demands that it transfer tax revenues