Wed 15 May 2024 6:45 pm - Jerusalem Time

Gallant criticizes Netanyahu and demands that he announce that Israel will not rule Gaza militarily

Israeli Security Minister Yoav Galant urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take decisions that would allow for the creation of authoritarian alternatives to Hamas in the Gaza Strip, warning that refraining from doing so would mean the movement’s continued control over the Gaza Strip or might push Israel to impose military rule in the Strip, which He has been exposed to an Israeli war for 222 days.

In a press conference held today, Wednesday, Galant expressed his rejection of the Prime Minister’s proposal regarding the conscription project that exempts the Haredim from compulsory military service, and reiterated his determination to enact a consensual law between the various blocs of the government coalition. He also threatened to launch a war on Lebanon if no agreement was reached under which Hezbollah fighters would be removed from the border.

Gallant launched a sharp attack on Netanyahu, considering that the latter is evading taking decisions regarding “finding a local civilian alternative that is not hostile to Israel and not linked to the Hamas movement” for civilian control of the Gaza Strip in parallel with military operations targeting the movement and other resistance factions in the besieged Strip, in an attempt to undermine the control of the Gaza Strip. Movement in the sector.

Galant stressed that the military plans drawn up by the army and approved by Netanyahu include finding an alternative to ruling the Gaza Strip civilianly, at a time when the occupation army is working to strike Hamas militarily. The Israeli Minister of Security also stressed that he called for this issue to be discussed in order to make decisions within the framework of the expanded and mini-cabinet. He was rejected.

In turn, the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, launched a sharp attack on Gallant, describing him as a minister of “defeatist perception,” and saying that he “does not distinguish between the Israeli army’s control or the Hamas sector’s control of the Gaza Strip,” in a brief statement he issued after the press conference. The meeting was held by Gallant, and Ben Gvir called for Gallant’s dismissal in a way that would allow “the war objectives to be achieved.”


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Gallant criticizes Netanyahu and demands that he announce that Israel will not rule Gaza militarily