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The White House: The Gaza floating dock will be ready within 3 weeks

The White House announced on Sunday that the floating dock that the United States is building in the Gaza Sea will begin operating within a few weeks, but it will not be an alternative to land routes, which are the best way to bring food supplies into the Strip.

“It will likely take two to three weeks before we can really see any operation,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Sunday in a statement to ABC News.

Kirby explained that the floating platform, the goal of which is to build more food and other necessities into Gaza, will help, but within limits, adding, "In all honesty, nothing can replace the land roads and trucks that enter" the Strip.

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) confirmed last week that the US Army had begun building a floating dock aimed at accelerating the delivery of aid.

The war waged by the occupation army on Gaza has caused a humanitarian crisis, while Israel faces increasing pressure to allow the entry of more aid amid international warnings of an imminent famine.

The Israeli army announced, on Saturday, that the United States is continuing to build a temporary floating pier on the shores of the Gaza Strip, with an area estimated at more than 281 dunams.

The United States says that this temporary platform at sea would allow military or civilian ships to unload their cargo, and the aid would later be transported by logistical support ships to a pier on the beach.

American officials said that this effort does not include “deploying forces on the ground” in the Gaza Strip, which is witnessing a war, but that American soldiers will be next to the Gaza Strip during the construction of the pier, which will also be supervised by Israeli forces.

Since US President Joe Biden announced on March 7 last year his country’s intention to establish a temporary seaport off the coast of Gaza, many questions have been raised about the maritime route for relief, whether the “sea corridor” from Cyprus to Gaza or the temporary American port.

The Israeli welcome of establishing the temporary port and activating the sea corridor, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that he had the idea of the port, raised doubts and their motives at a time when Israel is closing its crossings with the Gaza Strip and obstructing the entry of aid through the Rafah crossing.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Michael Fakhri, previously denounced the American proposal, describing it during a press conference in Geneva as “malicious” that came in response to electoral interests, pointing out that the United States is at the same time providing bombs, ammunition, and financial support to Israel.


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The White House: The Gaza floating dock will be ready within 3 weeks