Fri 12 Apr 2024 10:55 am - Jerusalem Time

Slovenia supports Palestine's membership in the United Nations

Slovenia, which currently has a non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, said Thursday that it supports Palestine's membership in the United Nations.

Vojko Falk, Minister of State for National and International Security Affairs in Prime Minister Robert Gollub's government, said in a press conference, following a government meeting, that the Security Council will vote on Palestine's membership next week, stressing that his country's vote will be in favor of Palestine's membership.

He added, "Slovenia will raise its hand, along with France and Malta, in support of this resolution. We believe that there is a place for Palestine in the United Nations and that Palestine has the right to have its voice heard there."

Slovenia strongly supports the ceasefire in Gaza and is also considering officially recognizing the State of Palestine.

Last month, the leaders of Slovenia, Spain, Ireland and Malta agreed to recognize the state of Palestine when “appropriate conditions are met,” believing the move could resolve the conflict between Israel and Hamas.


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Slovenia supports Palestine's membership in the United Nations