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Haaretz: Israel is lost and Netanyahu does not know where to take it

“After my GPS app was rendered useless by the IDF's jamming devices, it occurred to me that the insecurity and suspicion I felt on the road were exactly the same as the national mood in Israel since October 7.”

With this introduction, journalist Alison Kaplan Sommer opened her article in Haaretz newspaper by expressing the extent of her shock when she found that the GPS application that she relied on to guide her to the areas she was going to was now presenting her with a maze that did not lead her to anything in the end, which left her in a state of lack. Safety.

The culprit behind the jamming - as the writer says - was not a cunning, arch enemy, but rather the Israeli army itself, which since October has been operating GPS jamming devices in the north to prevent Hezbollah, Iran, the Houthis, or any hostile force from directing the marches. And suicide missiles accurately towards Israel.

They are lost

The writer narrated what happened to her when she specified her destination in the navigation system application, and looked at the screen on the dashboard of her car, expecting to be guided by straight lines and a reassuring voice. Then, she found a group of intersecting roads intertwined in a narrow circle that did not lead anywhere, as if Its current location is in a suburb of Beirut or near Damascus Airport.

Thus, this confusion that confused the writer sparked an idea in her mind, which is that what the Israeli army’s interference system caused to the navigation system was exactly similar to the national mood in Israel since October 7, where “we are lost and searching for direction, expecting a calm and reliable voice.” “With it, he will guide the nation in any direction that will get it out of its current ordeal.”

Instead - Alison Kaplan Sommer says - we find a government that is more like a confusing screen with arrows pointing to each other, and it does not provide any reassurance about where we are headed or how long we might get out of where we are.


The writer believed that the headlines in the past few days prove what she says as she tells the story, as it has been said since October that the goal of the Gaza war is “complete victory” over the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), and it was recently added that launching a full attack on Rafah is extremely important. Importance, because we will never be able to recover the detainees in Gaza without relentless military pressure. However, there is only one fighting team left in Gaza, and there appear to be little preparation for the Rafah operation as international pressure mounts.

The safe return of detainees - as the author says - is supposed to be Israel's top priority, but the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu only gives the negotiating team room to maneuver reluctantly.

She continues, asking, "Are we on the path to a ceasefire agreement that includes the release of detainees, or are we moving forward on the highway toward the supposed complete victory? Which way are we heading? No one knows."

Source: Haaretz


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Haaretz: Israel is lost and Netanyahu does not know where to take it