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Not content with bombing and destruction...the Israeli occupation robs the Gazans

For 70 days, the Israeli occupation continues its bombing and attacks on Gaza, which led to the death of about 19,000 Palestinians and the injury of more than 50,000 others, in addition to the widespread destruction inflicted on the besieged Palestinian Strip.

But the matter was not limited to that, as there is also what can be described as the systematic theft of Gazans’ money, which was previously indicated by the Israeli “Yedioth Ahronoth” which said that since the beginning of the ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army seized 5 million shekels, which was transferred to the financial department at the Ministry of Defense.

The newspaper explained that the “Spoils Unit” in the Army’s Technology and Logistics Division confiscated money that was seized, among other things, in the strongholds of the Hamas movement and the homes of what the occupation describes as wanted persons in Hamas areas, noting that the confiscated funds also include American, Jordanian, Iraqi and other currencies.

The occupation soldiers not only stole the Palestinians’ money, but also broke into their homes, tampered with them, and seized what they could of their property and belongings, as shown by video clips circulated on social media platforms of Israeli accounts that they published and bragged about.

In this clip, an Israeli soldier is shown destroying a Palestinian library in the Jabalia camp in the Gaza Strip, while other soldiers were laughing in the background.

Recently, a video clip of an Israeli soldier playing the guitar and singing over the rubble of the rubble of homes that were destroyed in Gaza after its residents were displaced from their homes also spread on social media platforms.

This soldier is called Matan Cohen, and he himself published the video in which he appears playing amidst massive destruction around him.

But the surprise was what a Palestinian musician named Hamada revealed - later through a post on the Instagram platform - where he confirmed that the musical instrument belonged to him and that it was the “last memory” of his father who died in 2014, which prompted the soldier to delete the clip from his account.

Hamada wondered, denouncing, "Isn't it enough that they take our loved ones, our homes, our families, and even our music and memories? Where does the injustice stop?!"

Another video clip circulated by activists on social media platforms showed an Israeli soldier bragging about having a silver necklace that he had looted from Gaza to give to his girlfriend.

The matter is not limited to Gaza, where the occupation soldiers published scenes showing them riding motorcycles that they stole from residents in the Jenin refugee camp, as part of the daily attacks launched by the occupation forces on cities and camps in the West Bank.

It is noted that these clips published by Israeli soldiers bragging about their looting and theft of Palestinian property are later deleted because they raise controversy, even among official Israeli circles, which quickly announce their disavowal of these actions, claiming that they “do not represent the values and morals of the Israeli army.”

This barbaric behavior of the occupation soldiers towards the Palestinians was not limited to the ongoing war in Gaza (the Al-Aqsa flood). The occupation soldiers had previously stolen Palestinian homes during previous Israeli battles and military operations in the Gaza Strip, including what the Maariv newspaper highlighted years ago. At the beginning of her investigation, she asked, “Did IDF soldiers steal money from Palestinian citizens during military operations?”

The investigation stated that residents of the Al-Fukhari area in the Gaza Strip accused fighters of the Golani 51st Battalion of taking advantage of the curfew imposed on residents to steal sums of money from their homes that were left unattended.

According to the evidence obtained by Maariv, the thefts occurred on July 26, 2007, during an operation carried out by Golani forces throughout the village east of Khan Yunis. The operation lasted several hours, during which the soldiers stayed in the homes of the Palestinians.

The newspaper explained that the army forces arrived in the village late at night, and the soldiers took the residents out of the homes and searched them, then gathered each family in one closed room, then searched the rest of the house, and settled inside it until the activity ended. It was said that at this point, while the owners of the house were tied up, the thefts occurred.

Source: Al Jazeera + Israeli press + social networking sites


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Not content with bombing and destruction...the Israeli occupation robs the Gazans