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Israeli News Analysis| Israeli warnings about the failure of the war on Gaza: Bets on the army’s victory are “lies”

Israeli politicians and commentators warned on Sunday that the war waged by the occupation army on the Gaza Strip is heading towards failure, pointing to the lack of political solutions, and considering that the goals seem far-fetched.

Former MP Roman Brofman said, "The management of the war is doomed to failure, because there is no political solution and serious negotiations to exchange prisoners on the horizon."

Berfman wrote on his account on X Platform "What enhances the chances of failure of the war on Gaza is the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is running it based on assumptions that have “already been shattered” and because of the tyranny of his personal calculations."

For his part, Nahum Barnea, chief commentator in Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, said, “Israel is required to lower its expectations from the war on Gaza, which seems far from over and is not achieving its goals.”

In a report published by the newspaper in its Sunday issue, Barnea mocked Israeli journalists who are trying to raise the morale of the internal public by describing Hamas fighters as “cowards,” saying: “I wish they were cowards. If they were cowards, they would have come out of the tunnels en masse, raising their hands” with white flags.

He pointed out that the war on Gaza is affected by the ongoing conflict between Netanyahu and Security Minister Yoav Galant, noting that both of them are keen “for the public to know that only they are running the war. The result is that they appear frequently, more than everyone who held their positions in all previous wars.” They often engage in statements that require more explanations and more press conferences.”


As for writer Nir Kipnis, he warned Israeli public opinion against starting from the assumption that “the army can achieve victory in the war on Gaza.”

In an article published by Maariv newspaper on Sunday, Kipnis added that “the army is unable to win,” describing bets on its ability to achieve that as “lies.”

According to Kipnis, “What is frustrating is the fact that the war seems far from over even two months after it was launched,” at the same time accusing the occupation army spokesman, Daniel Hagari, of “lying” through his statements that talk about “achievements” in the war.

He pointed out that "the battles and military confrontations that the army fought in the past two decades demonstrated that it is incapable of achieving victory, in addition to its inability to accumulate deterrence in the face of enemies," as he put it.

Capabilities that Hamas does not possess

He pointed out that among the lies peddled by the occupation army is its talk about Hamas “losing” control over the Gaza Strip, that Gazans are revolting against it, and that the movement’s leader in the Strip, Yahya Sinwar, “is under pressure, which will make him hasten to release the hostages.”

Kipnis asserted that the occupation army is failing to confront an organization that “does not have an air force, tanks, ships, Western precision weapons, or an Iron Dome to protect its citizens.”

He added: "Two months have passed and the Israeli army has not crushed Gaza, even though it has not been subject to international restrictions and is not hindered by internal opposition."

Source: Sama News


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Israeli News Analysis| Israeli warnings about the failure of the war on Gaza: Bets on the army’s victory are “lies”