Mon 11 Dec 2023 7:19 am - Jerusalem Time

Poll: 61% of Americans do not agree with Biden’s policy towards the war on Gaza

A CBS poll showed that 61% of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden's policy toward the war in Gaza.

The poll also showed that the percentage of those who believe that Biden shows too much support for “Israel” rose to 38%.

Many of the respondents indicated that the US President's approach towards "Israel" resulted in increasing disagreements within his party.

Yesterday, the American newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" published an opinion poll, saying that the White House should be concerned about it.

According to the opinion poll published by the American newspaper, it was found that only 23% of Americans support Biden’s policies since he entered the White House in January 2021, while 53% believe that his policies have harmed them.

A few days ago, a poll conducted by Reuters showed that Biden's popularity was close to its lowest levels during his presidency this month.

Biden is also currently facing internal opposition because of his position on the war in Gaza, as the American website “Axios” mentioned that American Muslims in several states started a campaign called “AbandonBiden,” which is a reflection of their anger regarding his handling of the Gaza file and his support for “Israel.”

Opposition increased within the White House, as the American network “NBC” reported that a group of trainees in the White House joined the growing list of administration officials, who are exerting internal pressure on Biden to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, and they sent him a message late in the month. Last Tuesday, it accused him of “ignoring the appeals of the American people.”

Source: Sama News


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Poll: 61% of Americans do not agree with Biden’s policy towards the war on Gaza