Sun 10 Dec 2023 9:26 pm - Jerusalem Time

A secret Israeli team to develop scenarios about the “day after” the war on Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed a “secret team” to discuss the so-called Israeli approach on the “day after” the war on the Gaza Strip. It includes politicians, diplomats and security agencies, to develop visions on the issue of control of the Gaza Strip and the reconstruction of the Strip, and aspects related to the confrontation front with the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in the "northern sector".

According to the Israeli Channel 13, the secret team formed by Netanyahu is led by the Israeli National Security Advisor, Tzachi Hanegbi, and the Minister of Strategic Affairs, Ron Dermer, in addition to soldiers and members of the Mossad and the General Security Service (Shin Bet), in light of American pressure on Israel to set a vision for day after war.

The report indicated that “Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Mike Herzog, regularly participates in the deliberations of the special team via a secure line,” explaining that the team has already met four times in the past few weeks, and pointed out “expectations that a session will be held for expanded discussions on this matter during the current week".

The channel quoted a senior Israeli official (which it did not name), saying, “Israel informed the American administration of the formation of this special team. For the Biden administration, it is important for Tel Aviv to present a plan for the next day,” indicating that the visions that the special team will develop will be presented to the Cabinet for Political and Security Affairs.

With the continuation of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, which has been going on for 65 days, diplomats in Washington, the United Nations, the Middle East and other regions began to evaluate the “what next” options if the Israeli occupation was able to overthrow the Hamas movement that runs the Strip, while Washington began the first days of the war urging Tel Aviv to thinking about the day after the war on Gaza.

Among the scenarios being presented are options such as deploying multinational forces after the end of the war, forming a temporary administration led by a “renewed Palestinian authority,” as Washington puts it, granting a temporary role to fill the vacuum in security and administration to neighboring Arab countries, and temporary United Nations supervision of the sector.

While the sources confirm that this operation is still in the "idea stage", the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, confirmed that he will insist on security control by the Israeli army over the Gaza Strip after the war, according to the West Bank model, meaning that the occupation army will have operational freedom to implement Air and ground attacks in the Gaza Strip.


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A secret Israeli team to develop scenarios about the “day after” the war on Gaza