Sun 10 Dec 2023 4:34 pm - Jerusalem Time

Palestine Prisoners’ Authority: Medical crimes against injured prisoners in the “Ramla Prison” clinic

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority said that sick prisoners, including those injured in the Ramla Prison clinic, are subjected to systematic medical crimes by the occupation authorities and their prison administration.

The authority explained in a statement issued today, Sunday, that there are dozens of violations recorded daily inside prisons, noting that all cases are classified as difficult and critical and in need of intensive medical care and real treatment.

The authority indicated that most of the cases admitted to the prison clinic were subjected to injury and direct assault, including the case of detainee Mustafa Ibrahim Al-Naanish (21 years old) from Tulkarm camp, where he was arrested from inside Tulkarm Hospital, after being hit by an explosion by the occupation army, as a result of which he sustained severe injuries in the abdomen and back, the prisoner was then transferred to a civil hospital, and an abdominal operation was performed on him, and part of the intestine was cut. To this day, there are shrapnel in the prisoner’s back, and his general health condition is not known as a result of the occupation authorities’ intransigence in disclosing the details.

Regarding the case of the prisoner Tariq Abu Al-Rub (22 years old) from Jenin Governorate, who suffered severe injuries in his buttocks that caused the intestines to rupture. As a result, the prisoner underwent surgery to repair the intestines, in order for the internal wound to heal, which may take three months as he is still inside Prison clinic.

The Commission confirmed that all the prisoners unanimously agreed that they were not taken care of, nor were they provided with the necessary treatment or examinations, and there was constant and continuous procrastination in everything that would alleviate their aches and pains, with the aim of tightening the pressure on them and taking revenge on them.


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Palestine Prisoners’ Authority: Medical crimes against injured prisoners in the “Ramla Prison” clinic