Sun 10 Dec 2023 5:05 pm - Jerusalem Time

An Israeli raid destroys an entire neighborhood in Aitaroun, Lebanon

The Israeli army announced, Sunday morning, that it shot down “two suspicious air targets” in the Western Galilee, near the border with Lebanon.

Alarm sirens sounded in several Israeli towns bordering Lebanon.

The Israeli occupation army bombarded several sites in southern Lebanon with intense artillery, most notably in the town of Yaroun.

The official Lebanese National News Agency reported that a raid launched by Israeli warplanes this afternoon destroyed an entire neighborhood in the town of Aitaroun, where many safe houses were leveled to the ground, and a large number of others were damaged.

No injuries were immediately reported, while relief crews arrived at the scene, according to the agency.

Hezbollah announced in 4 separate statements that it had targeted four Israeli sites along the border, including concentrations of Israeli soldiers.

1) We targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers between the sites of Zabdin and Ramtha in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with appropriate weapons, and direct hits were achieved.

2) We targeted Dashma (a site where soldiers gather) in the Al-Abad site, where Israeli soldiers were holed up, and they caused confirmed casualties, including one dead and one wounded.

3) We targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers in Honin Castle (the occupied Lebanese village of Honin) with appropriate weapons and achieved direct hits. ‏

4) We targeted the Birkat Risha site with Burkan missiles and it was directly hit

Meanwhile, the Israeli army announced in a statement, this afternoon, Sunday, that tanks and warplanes had recently targeted infrastructure and a military site for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The statement continued that a warplane attacked a Hezbollah fighter cell that attempted to launch anti-tank missiles towards Israel.

Also, recently, several rocket shells were monitored from Lebanon towards sites along the border, and the army attacked with artillery shelling.


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An Israeli raid destroys an entire neighborhood in Aitaroun, Lebanon