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Le Monde: Israel has transformed the right of self-defense into the right to destroy everything

Le Monde newspaper said that the isolated United States, by rejecting the draft United Nations Security Council resolution in favor of an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” on December 8, guaranteed the continuation of the punishment imposed by Israel on an entire people, so that the horrific routine in Gaza continues, with more of dead, wounded and devastated with no hope of seeing the end.

The newspaper pointed out in an editorial that the right to self-defense has become the right to destroy everything, since Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant announced that Israel is facing “human animals” and that it will “act on this basis.”

The results of the strategy aimed at eliminating the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) have now turned, according to the newspaper, into death everywhere, hospitals being bombed, destitution and starvation for hundreds of thousands of people.

In its editorial, which it chose as the title: “Israel Lost in the Gaza Massacre,” it said that the Palestinians are being driven like cattle by Israeli orders from one part of the Gaza Strip to another, and the cries of the heads of the United Nations agencies who, despite Israeli disdain, are making impressive efforts, even if they resonate in void.

Le Monde believed that this unprecedented massacre is not justified because the results obtained so far are still far from the declared goal of eliminating Hamas, noting that Israel's loss in this war is not a surprise, because it is a reflection of its deviation before October 7. The first is that it tore itself apart on the basis of its social contract instead of the law, in light of the attacks of the extremist movement that has been ravaging it for more than half a century, especially since the United States does not protect Israel from itself.

The newspaper concluded by justifying the US representative at the United Nations for their use of veto power against the ceasefire, by saying that such a truce “will sow the seeds of a future war,” asking whether Washington believes that the continued bombings supplied by Israel to fall on Gaza without protecting civilians could result in Other than the hatred that does not extinguish on this bloody land?

Source: Le Monde + Aljazeera


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Le Monde: Israel has transformed the right of self-defense into the right to destroy everything