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Qatar: Gaza has shown international duplicity

Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani said on Sunday that the war crisis in the Gaza Strip showed double standards in the international community, stressing the continuation of his country's efforts to achieve a ceasefire.

This came in a speech during the opening of the 21st edition of the “Doha Forum” in the Qatari capital, according to the official news agency (QNA).

Al Thani said, "The current crisis (in Gaza) clearly demonstrated the size of the gap between East and West, and between successive generations, and the double standards in the international community."

He added: "History has taught us that dialogue is the best way to confront the most complex conflicts if there is good will and wise political leadership. This is the basis of the State of Qatar's belief in the importance of mediation in resolving conflicts and its efforts to achieve this."

Qatar, along with Egypt and the United States, led mediation during the Israeli war, which broke out on October 7, resulting in a truce that lasted for 7 days until December 1.

Earlier on Sunday, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, opened the “Doha Forum,” with the participation of heads of state, government, and regional and international organizations, according to the agency.

The current edition of the forum will be held over the course of Sunday and Monday, under the title “Towards Building a Common Future,” to discuss the most important current issues, most notably developments in the situation in Gaza.

The forum, whose first session was held in 2001, also discusses issues and challenges, including those related to energy security and food security.

Through 18 main sessions and 35 side sessions, the forum highlights 4 main themes: international relations and security, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, economic development, and sustainability, according to the agency.

Heads of state, government, and regional and international organizations participate in the forum, including United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.


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Qatar: Gaza has shown international duplicity