Thu 07 Dec 2023 8:34 pm - Jerusalem Time

"Violations and stripping of clothes"... a massive Israeli arrest campaign in Gaza

Today, Thursday, the Israeli occupation army launched a massive arrest campaign in various areas of the Gaza Strip, most notably Beit Lahia, Khan Yunis, and Jabalia. Israeli media published pictures and clips showing a large number of Palestinians, stripped of most of their clothes, during arrest operations under the pretext of “confirming of their activity.”

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth published pictures and video clips, quoting the Israeli army, of a large number of Palestinians, stripped of most of their clothes, and piled into a truck to be transported to an unknown destination in Tel Aviv, which the newspaper did not name.

The video clips also showed the moments of arrest of a large number of Palestinians, while they were on the ground after being stripped of most of their clothes amidst a siege by Israeli soldiers.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority reported that army forces arrested dozens of Palestinians during their advance to take control of the northern part of the Strip, claiming that "some of them surrendered themselves voluntarily," in order to verify whether they belong to the Hamas movement or are activists in it.

On Thursday, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed announced that the Israeli army had arrested its correspondent from Market Street in Beit Lahia, along with a group of his brothers, relatives, and other civilians.

It added that its correspondent was among dozens of Palestinians arrested by the Israeli army. He deliberately forced them to take off their clothes, searched them, and humiliated them upon arrest, before taking them to an unknown destination, according to what the residents told the newspaper.

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate announced that the Israeli army killed 75 journalists and workers in the media sector, while nearly 80 journalists were injured, and two journalists went missing, while it bombed the homes of the families of 60 journalists, destroyed the headquarters of 63 media institutions, and disrupted the work of 25 local radio stations (24 in Gaza and one In the West Bank, 3 media outlets were closed and restricted.

Recently, Israeli forces targeted areas in Beit Lahia, Khan Yunis, and Beit Hanoun with violent raids in northern Gaza, killing dozens of Palestinians on a daily basis.

High number of victims

Earlier Thursday, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, Ashraf Al-Qudra, said that the Israeli strikes had killed about 17,177 Palestinians and injured 46,000 since October 7.

Al-Qudra added that 350 Palestinians were killed and 1,900 injured during the past 24 hours in Gaza.

Israel's war on Gaza is entering its third month, as the Israeli army continues its attempts to advance on the ground as part of its plan for a "ground incursion" into the Gaza Strip, but these attempts are still "slow" and geographically limited, with Palestinian factions continuing to target its soldiers and vehicles.


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"Violations and stripping of clothes"... a massive Israeli arrest campaign in Gaza