Tue 05 Dec 2023 5:16 pm - Jerusalem Time

West Bank: Israeli army places caravans on Ras Abu Jamra Mountain, east of Tulkarm

Today, Tuesday, Israeli occupation forces placed “caravans” on Ras Abu Jamra Mountain, east of Tulkarm.

One of the landowners, Maher Dridi, said that the landowners were “surprised by the occupation’s vehicles as they placed mobile caravans, ready for habitation, on the mountain, and their number has reached three so far.”

He added, "This action came after the occupation bulldozers began 10 days ago to bulldoze his land in the mountain and level it, without prior warning and without knowing the reasons, while not allowing its owners to approach it at all, even though the family has the identification papers proving its ownership of the land."

He pointed out that "the area of the land is 32 dunums and is owned by the Dridi family from the town of Beit Lid, and it is located on the eastern side of the Enab settlement, which was originally established on the lands of the villages and towns of Ramin, Beit Lied, and Kafr al-Labad, east of Tulkarm."

In turn, Beit Lid Municipal Council member Maan Rashid explained, “The occupation bulldozers bulldozed areas of land in the mountain and divided it into sections, then connected the area to an electricity network and cables, and today mobile caravans have been placed.”

He considered that this measure was aimed at establishing a new settlement outpost and linking it to the settlement of Enab, which is separated from it only by a road, thus further seizing the lands of the western town, which is also besieged from its northern side, in addition to the continuous closure of its entrances with dirt berms for about a month.


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West Bank: Israeli army places caravans on Ras Abu Jamra Mountain, east of Tulkarm