Tue 05 Dec 2023 3:40 pm - Jerusalem Time

UNICEF: “Safe” areas in Gaza are threatened by epidemics

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said that the so-called "safe" areas declared by Israel in Gaza are at risk of turning into "infested" places in the absence of shelter, water and sanitation.

This came during UNICEF spokesman James Elder's participation, remotely, on Tuesday, in the weekly press conference of the United Nations office in Geneva.

Elder stated that some of the so-called “safe” areas in Gaza do not “make sense” in the current situation.

He stressed that the areas to which people are evacuated must have sufficient resources to keep them alive, including medical facilities, water and food.

He pointed out that after Israel's request to evacuate areas in southern Gaza, it was pledged that "the level of death of women and children and the destruction of homes, as is the case in northern Gaza, will not be seen in the south," but this was definitely not the case.


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UNICEF: “Safe” areas in Gaza are threatened by epidemics