Sun 03 Dec 2023 10:37 am - Jerusalem Time

Gaza Health: Israel wants to keep the health system out of service to prevent the rescue of injured

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, said that since the end of the truce, the Israeli occupation has escalated its targeting of every inch of the Gaza Strip and is committing major massacres even more than in the first period of the aggression.

Al-Qudra continued, “More than 200 died within 24 hours and arrived at hospitals in the Gaza Strip, and the largest number is still under the rubble, and civil defense crews and ambulances cannot reach them.”

He stressed that the occupation committed widespread massacres, especially in the central region or the north of the Gaza Strip, indicating that there are no possibilities to recover the bodies of dead, which is likely to increase the number of dead in the coming hours if the people are able to help the crews in recovering the victims.

Al-Qudra added that the Israeli occupation, since this morning, has been targeting residential neighborhoods in a concentrated manner in all governorates of the Gaza Strip.

He stressed that the Gaza Strip's hospitals are no longer able to deal with the volume and type of infections received from all governorates, adding that the northern regions of the Gaza Strip are no longer able to deal with any cases and infections.

He explained that the hospitals operating in Gaza City and the north are 3 small hospitals and are not specialized or qualified to receive this large and specific number of casualties that arrive after every massacre committed by the Israeli occupation, especially since Gaza City and the areas of the northern Gaza Strip did not receive any fuel or medicine during the truce period. Humanitarian, as the occupation restricted the access of medical aid to the north during the truce.

Al-Qudra continued: “The Israeli occupation wants to keep the health system in Gaza out of service so that it cannot carry out its function of saving the lives of the wounded.”

He explained that the reality is painful in the Gaza Strip’s hospitals, as the bed occupancy rate in hospitals reached more than 171%, while the bed occupancy rate in intensive care rooms reached 221%, stressing: “There is not a single bed in which we can receive the wounded and new patients, and the patients are now sleeping on Land and yards in hospitals, especially in the south.”

Al-Qudra added that the occupation is increasing the horrific massacres to terrorize the Palestinian people, the evacuation of the Gaza Strip, and the forced displacement of citizens, so it is increasing its massacres, expressing his fear of more casualties in the coming hours and days if the Israeli aggression continues its crimes.

The occupation resumed its violent bombing of the Gaza Strip following a temporary humanitarian truce during which a number of Palestinian prisoners and Israeli detainees were released.

The raids launched by the occupation fighters continue, resulting in thousands of martyrs and wounded.


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Gaza Health: Israel wants to keep the health system out of service to prevent the rescue of injured