Sun 03 Dec 2023 8:11 am - Jerusalem Time

Dozens of dead and wounded in an Israeli bombing targeted homes in Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Saturday that the death toll from Israeli raids on the Strip since October 7 had risen to 15,207 Palestinians.

Ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra said in a press conference that “the toll of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has reached 15,207 martyrs” since last October 7.

Al-Qudra added that the total number of injured during the same period rose to 40,652 citizens.

He continued: "The Israeli occupation is still arresting 31 health personnel, and subjecting them to interrogation under torture in harsh humanitarian conditions, led by Muhammad Abu Salamiya, Director General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex."

He explained, "The occupation deliberately targeted health institutions, as we observed that 130 health institutions were targeted, 20 hospitals were put out of service, and 46 medical care centers were put out of service as a result of the destruction and lack of fuel."

He pointed out that "hospitals have lost their treatment and capacity, and medical teams are still treating hundreds of wounded while they are sleeping on the floor in emergency departments, intensive care, and operating rooms."

Al-Qudra stated that "the occupation deliberately targeted the health system, as 56 ambulances were destroyed and put out of service."


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Dozens of dead and wounded in an Israeli bombing targeted homes in Gaza Strip