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American magazine: How did Washington make the Israeli army what it is today?

An American magazine revealed that Washington provided more unrestricted aid to Israel than any other country ever, with a value exceeding $130 billion.

The “Responsible Statecraft” electronic magazine affiliated with the Quincy Institute in Washington reported in a news analysis that, since its founding in 1948, Israel has remained heavily dependent on the United States politically, economically and militarily as one of its closest allies.

In the war raging between Israel and the Palestinian resistance, the Israeli army used weapons, most of which came from the United States, as “overwhelming” firepower led to the death of thousands of Palestinian civilians and the destruction of entire cities, according to the American magazine’s report.

The analysis, written by the director of the Inter Press Service news agency at the United Nations headquarters, Thalev Dean, stated that arms supplies - which the United States often provides to Israel for free - are directed through foreign military financing, the military aid program, and the surplus military equipment program.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the United States has provided more foreign aid to Israel since World War II than any other country.

The American magazine's analysis stated that the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute revealed documented information stating that 79% of the weapons transferred to Israel in the period between 2018 and 2022 were supplied by Washington.

Germany came in second place with a distant 20% of weapons, and Italy came in third with only 0.2%, according to a report by Responsible Statecraft magazine.

The report's author considered that steadfast support for Israel's security has remained the basic pillar of American foreign policy for all successive administrations that have ruled the country since the era of President Harry Truman.

The US State Department stated that the United States has provided Israel since its founding in 1948 with more than $140 billion in direct aid, focusing on helping it confront the “new and complex” security threats to which it is exposed, filling the gaps in Israeli capabilities through security cooperation, and increasing the possibility of Interoperability through joint exercises to help it maintain its qualitative military edge.

The US State Department says that this aid helped transform the Israeli army into "one of the most capable and effective armies in the world, and transformed the Israeli military industry and technology sector into one of the largest exporters of military capabilities around the world."

An academic at an American university blamed the United States government for the continued random Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The magazine quoted Dr. Natalie Goldring, a visiting professor at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy, as saying that the American government bears a special responsibility, as it "provided Israel with massive amounts of military aid and weapons, at a time when Israel ignored American restrictions on the use of those weapons."

Source: American press +Aljazeera


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American magazine: How did Washington make the Israeli army what it is today?