Wed 29 Nov 2023 11:52 am - Jerusalem Time

The decomposing bodies of infants in a hospital in Gaza shock the world

Since the first day of the truce between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel in Gaza, the crimes of the occupation began to appear to the world, the latest of which was shocking scenes of decomposing children’s bodies left in Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip after Israeli forces forced its staff and patients to evacuate it.

As the truce in Gaza entered its fourth day, Al-Mashhad TV correspondent Muhammad Baalousha was able to enter Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital to be surprised by shocking scenes of decomposing children’s bodies in the care department, and the occupation army prevented them from being removed and buried.

The clip spread quickly on social media platforms, sparking shock and anger. Some tweeters described the scenes revealed by the reporter's as "shocking" and a "crime against humanity." Others asked about the role of human rights and children's rights organizations in pursuing the Israeli occupation army to hold it accountable for its crimes against the people of Gaza, especially children.

For its part, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory confirmed that it documented the discovery of 5 infants dead and in a state of decomposition in the nursery of Al-Nasr Hospital after they were left to their fate 3 weeks ago, in what “may amount to a horrific execution and a crime against humanity.” The Observatory called for the formation of an independent international investigation committee into the incident.

For his part, the director of the hospital, Doctor Mustafa Al-Kahlot, said in a statement to the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory that he sent an appeal to international organizations, including the Red Cross, about the difficult condition of the five children to save their lives, but he did not receive any response.

Al-Kahlot stated that he informed the Israeli army officer who warned them of the final evacuation of the condition of the five children on respirators, stressing that the officer informed him that the army knew about this and would act.

On November 10, a doctor at Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital published a video clip from the Special Care Department, and commented on it, saying, “Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital care without medical staff after the threat of tanks. 


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The decomposing bodies of infants in a hospital in Gaza shock the world