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Sheikh Al-Ja'bari.. Anniversary

More than four decades have passed since the death of one of the flags of Hebron and Palestine, and the scene of tens of thousands still carrying his pure body, and their eyes cast a final farewell look at a personality that left and continues to leave the greatest impact, in our history, present and future. A personality possessed of knowledge, audacity, courage, political acumen, and intellectual, social and political visions, visions that he formulated and defended in the face of an atmosphere of rhetoric and slogans that led the Palestinian people to a series of defeats and setbacks, far from building people and institutions.

Sheikh Al-Ja’bari bet on this person and his stability in this land, hence his insight into the establishment of the first institution of higher education in Palestine, which graduated thousands of degree holders, and his only wish was to build a single Palestinian university for all Palestinians, in the West Bank, Gaza and the interior, including Palestinians from the far reaches North to the far south, a unified university that does not focus on geography or regionalism, but rather its aim, purpose, and address is Palestine.

On the other hand, he worked - and by virtue of his long presence in the presidency of the Municipality of Hebron - to give the municipalities a real role, he went beyond the classic role of municipalities and their routine work to the political dimension, by organizing and supervising municipalities in Palestine and holding periodic conferences where the Palestinian municipalities played an important role in consolidating national unity and preserving On civil peace, social cohesion, and support for the citizen in the face of the occupation, through his steadfastness in his land, after providing the factors of steadfastness, steadfastness, and dignity. What we need these days is his presence among us as we witness the conflicts and divisions we are witnessing at various levels, socially, politically, clans and even at the level of individuals.

What distinguishes Sheikh Al-Ja’bari most is the charismatic personality that imposes respect on everyone who meets him. He was respected by the Palestinian people, Arab leaders, and world leaders, and this was due to him thanks to the realistic political proposal that he believed in and defended in the face of everyone, and the days have proven his insightful and forward-looking view of the conflict. The Arab-Israeli conflict in general, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in particular. Its survival and steadfastness in Palestine had the greatest impact on strengthening the survival and steadfastness of the Palestinian people, rejecting all the temptations that were offered to them to leave, but preferred to remain among their people. On the other hand, he called for the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, immediately after the 1967 war, at a time when these areas were devoid of settlements and settlers. That call was rejected by the Palestinian leadership at that time, but it returned after decades to demand what it demanded, but it was too late, and the Palestinian, regional, and international conditions changed, and the erosion of the Palestinian geography until we reached what we have reached now.


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Sheikh Al-Ja'bari.. Anniversary


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