Sun 24 Sep 2023 10:38 pm - Jerusalem Time

Saudi delegation expected to visit West Bank this week

A Saudi delegation is due to visit Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah this week, a Palestinian official said, amid diplomatic efforts to secure an accord between Israel and Saudi Arabia that could involve concessions for the Palestinians.

The delegation will be led by the non-resident Saudi envoy to the Palestinians, who was appointed last month, the official said.

The visit comes after both Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last week that efforts were underway to reach an agreement normalizing relations between their two countries.

U.S. officials have cautioned that any agreement, expected to include a defense agreement with Washington and a civilian nuclear program for Saudi Arabia, would be some way off.

Among the issues to be resolved would also be the Palestinian question, and calls for a revival of a peace process leading to a two-state solution with an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

U.S.-brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down in 2014 and relations between the two sides have plummeted amid a tide of violence.

Last week Abbas said no Middle East peace agreement would be achievable until Palestinians were granted full rights, and the Saudi foreign minister also called for a revival of the objective of a two-state solution.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 10:20 pm - Jerusalem Time

Macron: Azerbaijan threatens "Armenia's territorial integrity"

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed on Sunday evening his concern about a possible military attack by Azerbaijan on Armenia, stressing that Baku “threatens” the common borders and the “territorial integrity” of this country, after Azerbaijan’s lightning victory over the separatists in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Macron said in a televised interview, "France is very keen on Armenia's territorial integrity, as this is the test. Today we have Russia complicit with Azerbaijan, Turkey, which always supports these maneuvers, and an unrestrained authority that threatens Armenia's borders."


Sun 24 Sep 2023 9:04 pm - Jerusalem Time

Hebron Municipality denounces attempted assassination of Municipal Council member

The Hebron Municipality denounced in the strongest terms the assassination attempt on municipal council member Lawyer Abdul Karim Farrah, this Sunday evening, by direct shooting at him and burning his vehicle, in an explicit and premeditated targeting by a group “outside the law, religion, morals and customs.” .

The municipality confirmed in a statement that targeting members of the municipal council in this criminal and reprehensible manner is a dangerous indicator that threatens to drag Khalil Rahman into a state of chaos and lack of security and stability.

It warned of the consequences of these successive crimes, and the failure to prosecute the perpetrators and impose deterrent penalties against them.

The municipality called on President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh to monitor the security situation in Hebron and provide security and protection for all the people of the city and all those who dedicated their lives to serving it.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 8:10 pm - Jerusalem Time

A disabled Palestinian and a girl were injured after being trampled by Israeli settler in Hebron

A young man and a girl were injured today, Sunday, as a result of being stepped on by a settler while they were in a store in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood, in the center of Hebron.

According to local sources, a settler drove his vehicle through a military checkpoint and rammed a store belonging to a young man, Hamdi Yahya Idais (21 years old), who is disabled and moves around using an electric chair, causing him a direct injury to the head, in addition to a girl being injured in the head while she was in the store.

The sources indicated that the two injured people were transferred to a hospital inside the occupied territories, where their injuries were described as moderate.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 8:05 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli army arrests a teenager (15 years old) east of Ramallah

On Sunday evening, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a teenager from the village of Yabrud, east of Ramallah.

According to local sources, these forces arrested the teenager, Abdul Qader Hadid (15 years old), at a military checkpoint they set up at the entrance to the village.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 7:40 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli army closes a number of streets in Jerusalem

On Sunday evening, the Israeli occupation forces closed a number of streets in occupied Jerusalem.

According to local sources, the occupation police completely closed the entrances to a number of neighborhoods with cement cubes to prevent the movement of vehicles, and prevented citizens from moving until tomorrow evening, Monday, under the pretext of the start of “Yom Kippur.”


Sun 24 Sep 2023 7:12 pm - Jerusalem Time

First in the Palestine...the launch of “Sidewalk Libraries” project in Salfit

The mayor of Salfit, Abdul Karim Al-Zubaidi, opened the “Sidewalk Libraries” project in the city’s streets with the aim of encouraging reading.

Al-Zubaidi said that the opening of the “sidewalk libraries” is in line with the direction of the municipality and its public library to promote literature and the arts and provide various sources of traditional and advanced knowledge, and present them to the public and researchers.

He explained that this idea came from the fact that culture is not limited to a specific group or geographical area, and based on the role that the municipal library plays in encouraging reading and raising the cultural level of all members of society wherever they are.

The sidewalk library includes book shelves that the Salfit Public Library team works to supply daily with a variety of books for adults in addition to books for children. It also includes various types of historical and scientific books, novels, stories, children's books, and others.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 6:23 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli Settlers continue their attacks in Bethlehem

Today, Sunday, a group of settlers continued their attacks against citizens in the Tuqua Wilderness, southeast of Bethlehem.

According to local sources, the settlers threatened a number of citizens from the Jibril and Al-Badan families that they would have to leave their tents in the Al-Birya area, otherwise they would be subjected to continuous harassment.

The sources indicated that the settlers seized about 300 dunums in the Al-Birya area some time ago, and set up a number of tents there, in preparation for establishing a settlement outpost.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 6:21 pm - Jerusalem Time

Jordan condemns settlers' violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs condemned the violations carried out by extremist settlers by storming the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif, and allowing them to carry out provocative practices that violate the sanctity of the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque/Al-Haram Al-Sharif and Islamic cemeteries under the protection of the occupation police.

The Ministry’s official spokesman, Ambassador Sinan Al-Majali, said today, Sunday, “The continuing and unacceptable provocative practices against the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the escalation of their frequency, and the provocative practices that accompany them inside the sanctuary, in its vicinity, and in the Islamic cemeteries adjacent to it, which are considered an Islamic endowment, is a violation.” It is scandalous and unacceptable to international law, and to the historical and legal situation existing in Jerusalem and its sanctities.”

He stressed that the ongoing violations and attacks on holy sites, in conjunction with the ongoing Israeli incursions into the occupied Palestinian territories, herald further escalation and represent a dangerous trend that must be stopped immediately.

The Ministry’s official spokesman called on Israel, in its capacity as the occupying power, to cease all practices and violations against the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque/the Holy Mosque, and to respect its sanctity, reiterating that the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque/the Holy Mosque, with its entire area of 144 dunams, is a pure place of worship for Muslims. .

Al-Majali warned against the continuation of these violations, stressing the need to respect the authority of the Jerusalem Endowments Administration and the affairs of the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is affiliated with the Jordanian Ministry of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, as it has the exclusive jurisdiction to manage the affairs of the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque/the Holy Mosque in its entirety, and to regulate entry to it.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 4:36 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli forces suppress demonstrations on Gaza border, injuries reported

A number of citizens were injured today, Sunday, as a result of the Israeli occupation forces’ suppression of marches on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.

According to local sources, the occupation soldiers stationed inside their positions and in their military vehicles fired poisonous tear gas canisters towards the demonstrators, causing 5 people to suffocate.

Dozens of young men demonstrated on the eastern border of Gaza City and Jabalia, in protest against the siege imposed on the Strip, and against the continuing crimes of the occupation against our people in all governorates of the country.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 4:15 pm - Jerusalem Time

Updated|| Two brothers were killed as a result of being electrocuted in Ramallah

Today, Sunday, two brothers were killed as a result of being electrocuted in the village of Beitlo, west of Ramallah.

The head of the Beitlo Village Council, Nasr Radwan, said that two brothers died, and their brother and mother were injured, as a result of being exposed to an electric shock while washing carpets inside their house.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 3:59 pm - Jerusalem Time

Media professionals and human rightists demand exposing Israeli targeting journalists

Palestinian media professionals and human rights defenders recommended today, Sunday, the necessity of translating and activating international laws protecting journalists on the ground in order to put an end to the series of targeting of Palestinian journalists.

During a workshop organized by the Islamic Radio and Television Union - Palestine Office - on the eve of commemorating the activities of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Journalist, entitled: “International Laws in Light of the Targeting of Palestinian Press Crews and Institutions,” the international human rights and journalistic institutions called for the need for immediate and urgent intervention to stop the violations. Israeli forces against Palestinian journalists in the Gaza Strip, the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, in a way that guarantees them the freedom of journalistic work approved by international legislation and laws.

The speakers called for the necessity of activating the role of official institutions in documenting the occupation’s crimes against journalists and submitting them to international courts to hold the soldiers and leaders of the occupation accountable, especially since the international Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute confirmed that targeting media professionals during their work is a war crime punishable by international law.

They urged the necessity of activating a plan for Palestinian journalists to work with Arab and international journalistic institutions and bodies, and to provide them with awareness of the Israeli violations against them, demanding the necessity of forming a strong union body that includes all Palestinians without bias or discrimination in order to convey the voice of journalists to the world.

They unanimously agreed on the necessity of activating the official Palestinian position through embassies and institutions spread around the world, and taking immediate and urgent action in order to expose the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian journalist, prosecute the killing, and prosecute them until they receive their punishment.

According to statistics from the Palestinian Journalists Support Committee, the Israeli occupation forces have committed 514 violations against journalists since the beginning of 2023, ranging from injuries, arrests, prevention of coverage, incitement, and harassment.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 2:11 pm - Jerusalem Time

Birzeit University condemns Israeli army's assault on its campus and students' arrests

On Sunday, Birzeit University condemned the storming of a large force of the Israeli occupation army into its campus, the arrest of a number of its students, and the destruction of university property.

The university explained that it sees this as a major and clear violation of all international norms and conventions that criminalize violating the sanctity of universities and educational institutions.

The University  pointed out that the it is working through its lawyers and legal institutions to check on the detained students.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 1:39 pm - Jerusalem Time

Details of brutal arrest of two Palestinian prisoners, Hamdan and Bani Odeh

Today, Sunday, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission, citing its lawyer Sherine Iraqi, monitored the arbitrary and brutal violations that prisoner Bassem Hamdan (44 years old) from the town of Tamoun was subjected to during his arrest by the Israeli occupation forces, as the Israeli occupation forces stormed his house at At four in the morning, they tied his hands behind his back and blindfolded him, then they severely beat him on his right foot with a sharp object, then they put him in the military jeep and beat him again, after which he was transferred to a camp and stayed there for 10 days, after which he was transferred to a crossing. "Megiddo" prison and then to "Gilboa" prison.

Prisoner Hamdan says: “I cannot pray unless I am sitting because I feel great pain in my legs, especially my right leg, and I also suffer from diabetes and blood fats.”

While the prisoner Sameh Bani Odeh (23 years old) from the town of Tammoun was subjected to the same policy of arbitrary violations during his arrest and investigation, and the Commission’s lawyer, Hanan Al-Khatib, reported what the prisoner Bani Odeh was exposed to during his arrest, as the Israeli occupation forces raided his house and arrested him, and tied his hands. To the back and blindfolded him, then he was transferred to the “Al-Jalama” Detention and Investigation Center, where he stayed for 40 days, and then he was transferred to the bird rooms. The prisoner Bani Odeh says: “During the period of interrogation with me, I was threatened with the arrest of my family, and they actually arrested my brother Sami. They threatened to keep me in the cells for a long period of time. My hands were tied behind my back and the shackles were attached to the chair, which caused me severe pain. The cell was narrow and lacked the most basic necessities of life. It had no windows, and the light in it was annoying and had rough, protruding walls that were difficult to lean on. The mattress was very thin, without a file and without... Pillow".

The Commission says: The prisoner Bani Odeh was transferred to the “Megiddo” detention crossing, where the conditions at the crossing are very bad, in terms of food, food supplies, bedding, and scarce clothes, and there is not a sufficient “canteen,” while a portion of the detainees sleep on the floor, and the prisoner suffered. Bani Odeh suffered from severe pain in his chest while he was at the “Megiddo” prison crossing, where he was vomiting blood. After that, he was transferred to “Haemek” Hospital in Afula. They conducted medical examinations on him, and it was found that his blood level had reached a level of 4. He underwent He underwent a catheterization and gastric endoscopy. He remained in the hospital for 5 days and was then returned to “Megiddo” detention center.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 1:35 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israel orders cessation of construction on 17 houses and 4 barracks west of Salfit

Today, Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces notified the cessation of construction on 21 homes and facilities in the village of Sarta, west of Salfit.

According to local sources, the occupation forces stormed the village and handed citizens notices to stop work and construction in 17 houses, most of which were inhabited, and 4 barracks in the northern and eastern regions, under the pretext of building in an area classified as “C.”

They stated that the total number of notifications that were delivered during the past two months until today amounted to 55 notifications.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 1:32 pm - Jerusalem Time

Omani FM: UN has ‘moral duty’ to solve Palestine question

The UN has a “moral duty” to resolve the Palestine question through a two-state solution, Oman’s foreign minister has told the UN.

Sayyid Badr Al-Busaidi was speaking at the 78th UN General Assembly in New York City on Saturday.

The minister described the Palestinian issue as “an injustice which has lasted more than 70 years.”

He added: “The Palestinian people, however, stand firm in their conviction and determination vis-a-vis the brutal Israeli occupation, the embargo and abuses and violation of international law, and Security Council resolutions.”

Oman’s belief in justice, equity and respect of the UN Charter means that “like all peaceful nations,” the country sees no other solution to the Palestine question than the two-state solution, Al-Busaidi said.

He appealed to all countries to “stay attached” to the UN system in settling disputes and resolving conflict, adding that the UN has a duty “to put an end to the painful suffering of the Palestinian people.”

This can only happen through Israel’s withdrawal to the June 1967 borders and the creation of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, Al-Busaidi said.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 12:44 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli authorities pump wastewater towards Palestinian lands south of Qalqilya

Today, Sunday, the Israeli occupation authorities pumped wastewater from the Shaarei Tikva settlement towards Palestinian agricultural lands southeast of Qalqilya.

According to local sources, wastewater was pumped from the settlement located on the lands of the villages of “Azoun Atma - Beit Amin”, southeast of Qalqilya, and raided Palestinian agricultural lands planted with olives, indicating that this is not the first action, as the occupation deliberately pumps this water, to destroy agricultural lands and its products.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 12:13 pm - Jerusalem Time

Prisoners' Authority: Palestinian Prisoner Khaled Tbila was brutally assaulted by Israeli soldiers

The Prisoners and Ex-Detainees Affairs Authority said on Sunday that prisoner Khaled Tubila was brutally assaulted by occupation soldiers and police during the arrest process.

According to the authority, he was subsequently transferred to Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, and is now being held in “Megiddo” prison.

The authority indicated that there is great concern for his life, as the torture included the physical and psychological aspects, and he is now suffering from a difficult nervous condition, and has become unable to move.

The authority added that his detention was extended for five days to complete the investigation. She also indicated that a complaint had been filed about the circumstances of the assault on him.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 10:42 am - Jerusalem Time

Palestinian Prisoner Kayed Al-Fafsous suffers from critical health conditions

The Prisoners' and Ex-Prisoners' Affairs Authority reported on Sunday that prisoner Kayed Al-Fasfous (34 years old), who has been on hunger strike for the 53rd day in a row, suffers from critical health conditions.

The Commission explained, in a press statement, quoting the Commission’s lawyer, Karim Ajwa, who visited him in Ashkelon prison, that the prisoner Al-Fafsous, from the town of Dura in the Hebron Governorate, lost approximately 30 kilograms of weight, and complains of severe pain throughout his body, especially the back and joints. He can barely walk, in addition to suffering from severe headaches and general emaciation, in addition to his condition getting worse day after day.

It pointed out that the occupation authorities insist on not responding to his demand to end his administrative detention, but rather deliberately abuse him, as they recently transferred him from the Negev prison to Ashkelon, deprived him of visiting his family, and imposed a financial fine on him, with the aim of pressuring him and discouraging him from continuing his strike.

It is noteworthy that Al-Fafsous is a former prisoner who spent 7 years in the occupation prisons, and was re-arrested on 5/2/2023. He had gone on a hunger strike for (131 days) against his administrative detention in 2021. He is married and the father of a daughter, and he has four brothers in prisons. Occupation.


Sun 24 Sep 2023 10:02 am - Jerusalem Time

Türkiye condemns "attacks" on the Qur'an in the Netherlands

Turkey condemned the "provocative attacks" on the Holy Qur'an outside the embassies of Islamic countries, including the Turkish embassy, in the Netherlands, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry said in a statement, "We condemn the spread of these provocative attacks, which aim to insult our religion and its believers, in European countries where these attacks are tolerated, and these acts of hatred are permitted under the guise of freedom of expression."

The Ministry stressed that countries witnessing these attacks must take measures against these provocations, which the United Nations considers religious hatred and a violation of international law.

The Ministry called on the Dutch authorities to take the necessary measures against the perpetrator of the accident and to take the necessary preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of these incidents.

The statement added, "Turkey will continue its struggle against this sick and hate-based mentality resolutely and in all forums."