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Report: US arms shipments to Israel decreased by about 50%

American officials and sources in the Israeli security services confirmed on Sunday that American arms shipments to Israel have witnessed a slowdown in recent months and recorded a decrease of about 50% compared to what they were during the first period of the devastating war that Israel has waged on the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged for 261 days.

This came, according to what was reported by Israeli Channel 12, following the statements made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the weekly meeting held by his government earlier today, against the backdrop of the public dispute with the administration of US President Joe Biden over this matter and the escalation of tension between them. The two allies.

According to the report, in the first phase of the war (the first four months) about 240 shipments of American weapons arrived in Israel, while the number of shipments declined in recent months to about 120 shipments, i.e. a decrease of about 50%, in addition to the suspension of one shipment of weapons. American ammunition that was destined for Israel.

The explanation given by the report for this decline in arms shipments provided by Washington to Tel Aviv is that, “At the beginning of the war, the Americans sent arms shipments without the approval of Congress, and now the Biden administration has reduced its adherence to this procedure.” The report also pointed out that “the intensity of the war has declined and the intensity of the war has diminished.” The Biden administration’s desire to help Israel.”

Netanyahu said during his cabinet meeting: “About four months ago, there was a significant decrease in arms supplies coming from the United States to Israel. We received all kinds of explanations, but (..) the situation itself did not change. And in light of what I heard in the last day, "I hope and believe that this issue will be resolved in the near future."

The United States had confirmed that there was only one shipment of bombs weighing 2,000 pounds (more than 900 kg) under review due to fears of their use in crowded areas. Washington had decided to temporarily suspend this shipment in light of its opposition to a widespread attack launched by the occupation on Rafah, south of Gaza strip.

According to Netanyahu, senior Israeli officials exerted pressure on their American counterparts “at the highest levels... and at all levels” in order to accelerate the delivery of weapons. He added, "After months, there was no change in the situation, so I decided to speak about the matter publicly."

Last week, Netanyahu aroused the ire of Washington after he released a video clip in which he accused it of "withholding weapons and ammunition from Israel." American officials said that they had no idea what Netanyahu was talking about, as his recent statements coincided with a visit by Defense Minister Yoav Galant to Washington to hold talks on the war on Gaza.

Last Thursday, Netanyahu said that Israel needs American ammunition to fight a “war for its existence,” and urged Washington to provide weapons to Israel, in a post on his social media platforms, which came in response to statements made by the spokesman for the US National Security Council, John Kirby, in which he described Netanyahu's statements as "insulting and offensive."

In statements made by the Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, Yuli Edelstein, to Army Radio today, Edelstein criticized the video clip that Netanyahu published last week, and sparked a dispute with the White House. In it, he said that the US administration “prevents weapons and ammunition from Israel.”

Netanyahu: There is a decline in the process of sending American arms shipments to Israel

“I hope that discussions behind closed doors will achieve much more than those achieved through pressure attempts using video clips,” Edelstein said, referring to the visit of Mother Secretary Gallant to Washington. Note that Washington is considered the main military supporter of Israel, and has provided it with unlimited and unconditional support since it began its war on Gaza.

Last May, the Biden administration suspended a shipment of 2,000-pound and 500-pound bombs to Israel out of concern about the impact they could have if used in densely populated areas of Gaza, but Israel is still slated to receive billions of dollars in American weapons; Including the bomb shipment, which the administration is reviewing.


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Report: US arms shipments to Israel decreased by about 50%